What Is In The Partnership Between JD.com And BFC?


The British Fashion Council recently announced that it had entered into partnership with China’s largest retail company, Jingdong. In a statement, the organization said that they were entering into a deal with one of the best companies in the world so that they can improve the way people access services in various region.


It is an organization that is involved in the development of fashion designs and other related services and so, they are looking for more partnership. After being announced as the official Chinese partner, JD.com was given the task of managing the events surrounding the British Fashion Week.


Opening up the Chines market


Jingdong’s partnership with British Fashion Council will also see the use of the network that has already been established by JD.com to get into the Chinese market. This is a company that has been around for many years, and they have a lot of contacts in the market in China.


In addition to that, Jingdong Mall have been supporting companies in other companies such as Japan and Singapore. Since the launch of their retail website and their subsequent growth to become the largest company in the region, they have established a network that is enviable and therefore, it is what their partners will use to access the large market.


Giving a chance to new designers


Accessing new markets has always been a big challenge to new designers. The British Fashion also notes that most of these customers are often confined to their countries because they do not have any network through which they can get to further customers. Therefore, even when they have amazing designs, they still cannot break into the international markets. It is because of this situation that the Council wants to partner with companies such as Jingdong to reach out to other areas. See This Article to learn more.


By creating a mutual platform that is beneficial to all players in this industry, it is expected that there will be new opportunities for companies. The services offered by Jingdong will help to develop special technological tools such as software and applications to make this a reality and therefore, this deal is a good initiative for many companies not just the two that signed it.


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