Wes Edens: The Basketball Fan

If you want to meet a basketball fan and a co-founder Of Fortress Investment Group, you might run into Wes Edens. This company has grown into a global force that has made a lot of money for Edens and his partners. In fact, he was able to co-own the Milwaukee Bucks thanks to his vast fortune. Wes Edens is also into London England’s Football that has to do with soccer. He has a head for business and knows how to put together good investment strategies to keep his business going.

Wes Edens is worth $930 million at the age of 57. That is not bad at all. Fortress has several transportations, healthcare, real estate, financial institutions, and entertainment companies under its belt that brings in a bulk of the profit. It is still led as an independent business. Also, Wes Edens is responsible for the development of Brightline which is a transportation rail that is traveling through all of the Florida cities. There is also an energy company called New Fortress which focuses on renewable and clean energy. That is operation in manufacturing plants as well as natural gas plants across the nation and the tropical islands. View Wes Edens’s profile on Linkedin

Edens has also opened up an entertainment district which brings more jobs and helps the economy. For all that Fortress Investment Group does, this company is part of an era where making the economy strong really counts right now. He also does charitable giving, which includes arts, healthcare, and education. His business allows him to give back and let others know it’s just not about profit but about making things better in the communities. With the Brightline and other ventures he is into, that has really helped his city as well as others. The Brightline is in Florida which is a very popular tourist destination. That train will go through some major areas bringing in additional people to those theme parks and other places.

What Edens does really benefit the economy and other businesses. He is not stopping there. For all we know, there may be other future projects.

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