Manila 08.2011 Day 1a

Took a short vacation with family on August 28 since the following two days(29mon & 30tue) were holidays.
This time, we didn’t miss out the opportunity to take a small vacation to Manila. It’s kinda embarrassing to admit that it was my first time visiting the capital despite my (old) age, well.. unlike the younger generations which has waaaay too many travel experiences than I have.

Anyway, we departed from our local airport at 7:55am then arrived in Manila at around 9:30am. Didn’t have much detailed photos during the trip, will just leave you with the photos I took. This time, it’s day 01 arrival.

Plane interior just too plain.

In-flight entertainment, watching Ai Yori Aoshi on my un-hacked PSPGO.
After watching it looking downwards, my eye hurts like hell, I thought my eyes
were gonna pop out and nerves disconnect. ^^;

Before this, it was so cloudy that I couldn’t see anything beneath at all.

Almost arriving in Manila Int’l Airport (NAIA).

Arrival. ANA plane spotted.

Arrival area.

Our relative offered us a ride. They’re not home, also on vacation.

Buildings so tall.. not that I haven’t seen tall buildings in real life.

So high…

Forgot to take photos of the hotel exterior, etc.

Hotel interior.

Hotel interior.

That’s all I can post in this article.
Next will be Day 1b- Manila Ocean Park visit.
So, stay tuned..

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  1. Miette-chan says:

    Definitely got take advantage of opportunities like these. Even more so we the whole family can travel together.

    Hope you have the fun during the remaining days of your vacation.
    Miette-chan recently posted..A certain Decepticon’s sunny day out

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