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Vinod Gupta was born on July 4 during the 1940s in a very poor village near New Dehli. After high school, he studied Agricultural Engineering at I.I.T, Kharagpur. In 1967 he graduated with his B.Tech degree. He then moved to the states where he became a graduate assistant at the University of Nebraska at Lincoln, Department of Agricultural Engineering. He first came to the U.S. with only one suitcase of clothes and $58 in cash. After finally getting a degree in engineering, he went on to get an M.A. in Business Administration.


After graduation, he got work in Omaha, Nebraska with Commodore Corporation. Here Vin Gupta was tasked to evaluate rival companies. To thoroughly do this, he compiled a list of every mobile home dealer in the U.S. using phone books. It was while doing this he found that this was something that companies needed to be done on a continual basis since new companies were always forming and disbanding. Go To This Page for related information.


So Vin decided to get into this lucrative business. After the first list was completed, Gupta gave Commodore of paying $9,000 for exclusive rights or getting it free and letting him shop it out to other companies.


Commodore chose to get it free and Vin Gupta, therefore, started shopping it out. His new business, called ABI, became an instant success. He started his staff small, hiring just two part-time employees. In the following years, Vin kept adding industries to his types of lists. Through the years he kept reinvesting funds in his business to meet the continually growing demands of his clientele.


Over the years, Vinod has given back to the community and is especially committed to education; especially his advocacy to “Women’s Education”. He acknowledges that its one the most effective tools of fighting poverty and as such has been very determined to grow education in India.


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