Todd Lubar Discusses What the Influx Of Young Professionals Means For Baltimore Real Estate

An individual needs to be very in touch with a city if they hope to understand what real estate would make a good investment and what real estate would make a poor investment. Businessman Todd Lubar has been working in the real estate industry surrounding Baltimore for years, and can see how things are moving and shifting.

He explains that while it might seem at first that Baltimore’s population is going down, a trend in working professionals is increasing and will lead to positive changes down the road. Some of those positive changes, in fact, have already been realized.

Young professionals move to Baltimore for several reasons, and the trend is a good one. This demographic has discretionary income, which leads to a real estate opportunity of businesses that offer luxury shopping and hip dining options. Since young professionals often do not yet have families, the need for refurbished apartment buildings has gone up.

Baltimore is also working to increase transportation options so that working individuals do not have to struggle with parking limitations once they are in downtown Baltimore. Excellent public transportation options ultimately draw more buyers to a city. Lubar also added that because of recent trends in the economy, many millennial have received raises or come into employment when up until now they may have been unemployed, reveals This means that the millennials turning to Baltimore for housing are more well off than they were in previous years, and Lubar expects the trend to continue.

Lubar is an investor and business man who currently functions as the CEO of TDL Global Ventures. He also serves as Vice President for the company Legendary Investments. He has a strong foundation in sales, and this helps him in negotiations and business decisions.

He worked in the mortgage business before moving more fully into real estate investing, so he knows what a person who wishes to buy real estate is going through. As a real estate investor, he uses his understanding of the housing market, mortgage industry, and sales to help people realize their dreams of home ownership. Because he saw the many barriers that potential buyers face, he uses his experience to help people overcome those barriers.