The Transformational Mind That Jed McCaleb Brough into Cryptocurrency

Although the cryptocurrency world has continued to be popular each day, there aren’t many cryptocurrency experts to shape its way forward. However, there have been some cryptocurrency professionals that have made several innovations and changes whose impact is still felt today. When thinking about these cryptocurrency experts, you can be sure that Jed McCaleb would be on that list. He is a programmer from the United States who has made great contributions in the cryptocurrency world. If it were not for him, the first global Bitcoin exchange called Mt. Gox would not have been developed. This is not the only pioneer project that Jed has been involved in. He also happens to be the mind behind eDonkey, which he developed in 2000. Most people used this network to share certain files with their peers and friends.

The newest venture Jed is remembered for is Stellar. The global financial system had certain serious flaws that Jed has recognized, and he needed to do something about them. To come up with a profound solution to the problem, Jed joined hands with Joyce Kim who became a co-founder of the Stellar Development Foundation. Today, Jed is the head of the technical development team of Stellar. He understands that the economic participation would not be increased without this financial network. He is very passionate about the technical development of this company. He spends much of his time building and coding the technical aspects of Stellar. When he isn’t doing this, he is busy receiving and responding to the emails the clients have sent to his business.

Immediately Jed got a clearer picture of what Bitcoin was, he came up with the “Stellar” idea. He knew he could use the technology behind Bitcoin to solve most of the problems that existed in cryptocurrency. Jed confirms that there was something bigger than just having the new digital currency created. According to him, connecting financial institutions was a great need even though the currency had already been created. Instead of creating another currency, Jed noted that there was a need to create a financial network with an open source to ensure all the financial institutions were well connected.