The Success Of Kimberly Bakker


Kimberly Bakker has built an impressive career as an Event Planner. Currently Kimberly Bakker is the owner of Kimberly Bakker Events, a company dedicated to event production quality control, and business consulting services. Over the last two decades she has built a career that is multi-faceted.

Kimberly Bakker is a native of San Francisco where she was born in raised. As a child her family lived on a cattle ranch and Bakker spent lots of time outside. She spent a lot of time in a rustic, quiet town known as Ross. Her family lived in this area for multiple generations. The family has a respected history which includes Kimberly’s great great-grandfather who served as San Francisco’s Assistant District Attorney.

Kimberly Bakker is a graduate of The University Of Southern California, where she majored in Business. During her time at the university Bakker was involved in a number of well-known projects. During her time at USC Bakker worked as a teacher, and also served as the Women’s Advocate on the Panhellenic Board. Upon graduation from the university she was recognized as one of the year’s Outstanding Seniors by the University. Go Here to learn more about Kimberly Bakker.

While in college Bakker was engaged as a full-time Sales And Marketing Director for L’ermitage Hotels. She spent most of the next decade working as an Event Planner for a number of high-tech firms. In 2000 Bakker founded her event management company, Kimberly Bakker Events. Her company is focused on boutique event planning as well as relations for business clients. Her company has become wildly successful and they continue to impact the world.

Kimberly Bakker has used her success to give back in a major way. Currently she is a member of the Society Of California Pioneers. She serves as on the Board of Directors for Children of Shelters, and Blue Star Music Camp. She also founded “The Project for Girls” which is focused on creating a community for girls to be successful in.


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