The Story of Victoria Doramus

Victoria Doramus is an expert marketer. She holds years of experience in the field of marketing and is also an expert analyst of trend. Having dealt with the marketing department for many years she holds proper expertise in the field. Victoria Doramus is also said to have great knowledge of the global market. She has proper understanding of a range of lifestyle products and also knows the customer trend when it comes to retail and fashion. She knows well that which trend is to create impact on which segment of the market and also the intensity of that impact. Victoria Doramus also holds e experience in the field of writing as she has written several reports about various global marketing trends.

From year 2009 to the year 2015 Victoria Doramus worked as a freelance writer. She wrote several books and even worked as a research assistant. She mostly worked as a ghost-writer hence she didn’t have claim over any of her work done. She contributed her expertise to books like Decades, A Century of Fashion, Menu dating and many more. Victoria Doramus also worked as an Art director and even as a Trend Consultant. According to, her job was to develop visual and quality materials for Holiday 2010, Spring Summer 2011 with J.Crew and Stilla Collaboration.

Victoria Doramus is formally from London. She gained her education degrees from University of Colorado. She has attained a Bachelors (B.A) in Journalism from the Colorado University, Boulder. She has also gained knowledge on Designing. She has earned a degree in Contemporary Design from a University in London known as the Sotheby’s Institute of Art. She has gained many other work experiences starting as an Assistant Media Player. She was also a personal assistant to a television film director known as Peter Berg.

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