The Oxford Club is Wealthy

If you are a member of the Oxford Club then you are a member of one of the most prestigious and private financial club’s in existence. While some people have jokingly called them a secret organization, there is no doubt that they are a powerhouse to be reckoned with.

If you join the Oxford Club at one of its membership levels, you will gain many benefits. If you are a Premier member then you subscribe to at least one of the clubs paid publications. This beginning level of membership allows members to enjoy some of the club’s benefits. This membership must be renewed every year.

If you are in the Directors Circle membership than you are given a few extra perks. This is the level that most investors join due to the fact it takes a full commitment. This membership is so prestigious they you can bequeath it to a family member upon your passing.

The most prestigious membership is the Chairman’s Circle. This is the highest level of membership is by far the most privileged as it allows a member to gain all the benefits of being part of the Oxford Club.

The Oxford Club boasts many benefits to its 137,000 members. Networking is the primary benefit you get from joining the Oxford Club. Word-of-mouth is the best way to get in on investment opportunity before all the profit has been made. If you are waiting for news to break out on Fox news, then you are too late.

The Oxford Club leveraged its investment philosophy to the benefit of members. This philosophy is often spoken of through their monthly newsletters. These newsletters have ranked as the best performing investment newsletters in the industry.

Another benefit is access to their online website which immediately informs its members of buy and sell alerts and gives them recommendations and strategies to make the most money depending on the amount of risk they want to use.

The Oxford Club is like having 137,000 personal financial advisors who have all made their millions through investing during harsh market conditions.