The Online World of Doe Deere

The online world has given rise to some of today’s brightest entrepreneurs, one in particular who has achieved massive success is Doe Deere. Doe Deere is the proud owner of her own cosmetics company called Lime Crime cosmetics. She shares some of her secrets to success in a recent with Ideamensch. She tells how she found a way to combine her passion for makeup with a successful business model. Now others are looking to follow in her footsteps and achieve the same kind of entrepreneurial success she has enjoyed. Learn more:

Born in Russia and raised in New York, Doe Deere found a way to reinvent the traditional make up supplier business into something new and fresh. Her makeup company Lime Crime has a focus on expressing yourself in unique ways that can be altered to fit your mood. Doe Deere intentionally steered her company away from the established approach of a ‘natural’ aesthetic in the make up world. The bright and happy colors that define Lime Crimes make up style is a refreshing change of pace in a stagnant industry that is stuck in it’s ways choosing to stay within the guidelines of previously established models to stay safe. In 2004 she first started her business and maintaining cruelty free products has been a focus for her since day one. It is important that her company does not sell any products that contribute in any way to the harm of animals. This is perhaps a major contributing factor to her success, by giving consumers an ideology to rally behind that fits the modern mentality of being environmentally conscious and reducing harm to animals that is gaining traction among consumers in today’s market. She attributes Lime Crimes success to her methodical approach to her business beginning with her business plan. Learn more:

Staying focused on details and taking all of the necessary steps to lay out your business plan will help you stay organized and in the long term this will only boost your chances of success. Investors want to see comprehensive plans and you will have more access to capitol when every finite detail is spelled out in an organized fashion. Another take away from Doe Deere’s success is to find a motto or way to make the company personally meaningful to it’s consumers. Plan your costs, keep track of expenses, and maintain focus of your long term goal to help turn your business idea into a reality like Doe Deere. Learn more: