The Legacy of Jose Hawilla

José Hawilla was a great journalist and is currently an entrepreneur and the owner of Traffic, which is Brazil’s number one sports marketing company, which has grown so far as to have brokered Nike’s sponsorship contract with the Brazilian national team. Check out

Jose Hawilla, speaking of the will to win, stated “It’s not to wait for the opportunity to show up. Sometimes it even shows up, but you have to look for opportunities in life.” The young man has to feel like growing up.” I like to pass this on to young people, public, “he says. He used to say that he had to face the mistrust and skeptical eyes of those who did not understand how anyone could make money in football. But today, he is one of the most influential men in Brazil, who is also the owner of Rede Globo affiliates and a powerful network of newspapers in the interior of São Paulo, Rede Bom Dia, which controls Bom Dia Jundiaí, Bom Dia Bauru, Good Morning Rio Preto, Good Morning Fernandópolis, Good Morning Marília and Good Morning Catanduva. Check out educacaofisica for more info.

October 15, 2009, Hawilla announced the purchase of the Diário de São Paulo newspaper, the old Diário Popular, founded in 1884 and acquired in 2001 by Infoglobo when it was renamed Diário de São Paulo. He has worked in major television networks in Brazil such as Rede Globo, Radio and TV Bandeirantes and Rede Record, and has also participated in numerous TV coverage events of major sporting events in the world such as Formula 1, Olympics and World Cup events. A passionate fan of America in Rio Preto and Palmeiras, he is married and father of three children. José Hawilla was born 11 July 1943 and is a Brazilian businessman. Hawilla was born in São José de Rio Preto, in the state of São Paulo,

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