Born in the twentieth century, Ryan Seacrest is an American known for a great reputation especially in media. He is media personnel, radio personnel and even a television host and producer. Started at a tender age, he got his education in the States, and he pursued his passion for media. This paved the way for him to be in media as his talent was pointed out early enough. In the internship, he was trained by Tom Sullivan who one day called in sick-making Ryan to take his position for a while. The opportunity became permanent even after graduating opening doors for his career growth.

He started hosting several television shows giving him the opportunity to meet top media personnel. Even in his commercial breaks, he got the chance to respond to viewers on the internet making him grow to larger heights. One hosting of a television or radio show led to another as people saw his ability and skills. Therefore, he became experienced media personnel with the capacity to host more than one show or even radio station.

He later began to produce his shows which are growing and functional up-to-date. It started this after he got several awards for being a dominant media personality. Ryan Seacrest started his own show namely, Ryan Seacrest Productions. His productions have grown to not only benefit the media industry but also benefit the community. The foundation is a non-profit organization dedicated inspiring the youth.

The Ryan Seacrest Foundation opened the Seacrest Studios which gives a channel to the children and their families. The studios are opened in several pediatric hospitals to give children inspiration and positive mentality even as they get treated. Therefore, the foundation helps to promote healing by creating a good environment for treatment. It gives access to multimedia experiences which bring patients into stimulated and excite moods. It also creates a channel for the young people to explore their creativeness on the radio and television.

In conclusion, Ryan Seacrest has brought positive changes in the society by using his growth in media to benefit himself, the community and the nation at large. He has impacted many people even beyond the country through his philanthropic activities.

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