The German Immigrant Roots Of OSI Group, The World’s Leading Food Processing Business

In the early 1900s, a considerable percentage of the population of Chicago was consistent with German Immigrants. Chicago at the time was booming as the part of the country with the most lucrative businesses and it was also the most established part of the nation. Among these immigrants was one Otto Kolschowsky. Otto recognized the potential of the town when it came to business opportunities, so he launched a local meat market business with the sole aim of making ends meet for his family. It wasn’t much of a surprise that the business did so well. So in the year 1928, he decided to make a wholesale business out of Otto Meat Market. To do so, he had to change the name of the business from Otto Meat Markets to Otto and Sons and relocate it to a different area but still in Chicago. Otto and Sons started supplying meat on a wholesale level and soon the brand became popular for its quality services and earned a reputation in the area. Read more on

In the year 1955, a decade and a half after the first McDonald’s restaurant were launched, the franchise set out to open a branch in the Des Plaines area of Chicago. Ray Kroc, who was working directly under Maurice and Richard McDonald, was in charge of the project. He sought out Otto and Sons to become one of their suppliers of meat products. This encouraged the company to begin dealing in more products other than meat and beef products. so the company adopted new technology in their processing operations and began processing beef, pork, fish, chicken and poultry, and other meat products as well as wheat and vegetable products.

From Otto and Sons to OSI Group

OSI industries were born in the year 1975 when the company rebranded and took on the name OSI Group. At this time, Sheldon Lavin had taken over as the Chief Executive Officer as well as the chairperson of the company. Since then, Sheldon has been leading a series of expansion projects that have led to the company owning 65 facilities in around 17 nations across the globe. The OSI Group has also grown to a net worth of more than 7 billion and won several awards. Visit