The Family First Businessman – Ronald Fowlkes

Ronald Fowlkes is an interesting personality. He has vast knowledge about First Gear products and is an essential part of why the company has achieved monumental success in providing high-end gears for armed officers.


He first earned his stripes as a marine where he encountered the First Gear equipment and quickly fell in love with them. Upon encountering the same equipment later on in his life, he took a keen interest in them. The result is his current position as the Director of Business Development.


Ronald was so awed by the product and its success in the market that he decided to take up a stake in the company as a co-owner. He admires the company so much that he labels them as the Ferrari of the tactical world.


The company has made a point of ensuring that it has patented its products in order to stifle the competition and make sure they are always an edge above the competition. He will be the first to point out the fact that they have managed to lower the weight on some of the First Gear products by up to 40%. This is a certain marked improvement and points at as being a sure fire way to attract more clients.


He is charged with promoting the products they sell but will tell anyone listening just how much the products sell like hotcakes. Reason? The answer is simple, referrals. Word of mouth is the best piece of advertising in his current world and the best way they have been able to make inroads in the tactical gear world.


As a father of 3 kids, he wakes up early each morning and makes sure his kids are able to get to school before heading straight to work. He’s come to appreciate his team as the greatest asset he has at his disposal. By always keeping an open mind, he is a sponge that absorbs all pertinent information that falls on his lap. He does this all in a bid to improve the company’s standing in the market.


Other than work, Ronnie coaches the local youth Hockey team. He believes that Hockey is the best sport known to man due to the various tenets of play that the game favors. These are things like agility, speed and teamwork. Things he believes in himself.