The Career Life Of Gregory James Aziz

James Aziz was born on the thirtieth of April the year 1949 in London, Ontario. He is the now the acting President, Chief Executive Officer and Chairman of the now highest ranked freight car manufacturing and engineering company in the world known as the National Steel Car Limited based in Hamilton, Ontario.


Gregory James Aziz attended the University of Western Ontario where he focused on Economics. He had earlier schooled at the college of Ridley .Looking at his family background, his success started back after joining his family food business in the year 1971 known as the Affiliated Floods. Over the sixteen years he worked there the company did so well and grew to import high value foods across the continent of Europe, Central America and all parts of the Southern America. There major fresh foods markets included Eastern Canada and across the whole of the United States.

Greg J. Aziz served at numerous banking opportunities investing widely between the late 1980s and the early years of the 1990s and come the year 1994, he was able to pull his funds together and purchased from a National Steel Car Company.


Gregory James Aziz had a vision of transforming this Canada based company into a world class a railroad car manufacturing company. Gregory Aziz emphasized on the company’s engineering capabilities, the aspect of working together and by investing in both human and capital. The growth of this company accelerated at a very high speed evidently from the output. When Gregory James Aziz was buying this company, it could only manufacture three thousand five hundred vehicles annually but at the end of the

year 1999 under his observance it recorded twelve thousand cars per year. Number of employees grew drastically five times more over the same period of time, from six hundred to three thousand workers. See This Page for additional information.


The National Steel Car now brags of manufacturing tens of thousands of freight cars, railroads to be specific thanks to the endless and relentless chase of their one vision of manufacturing and engineering excellence. It happens to be the only North America’s engineering and manufacturing company of railroad freight car that has ever been certified by the ISO 9001: 2008 maintaining that record for 18 years. Gregory James Aziz has not be tied entirely to this world class company as with her wife Irene, they are the official sponsors of Canada’s most recognized agricultural fair, the Royal Agriculture Winter Fair.


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