Stream Energy: The Valuable Addition of Stream Cares

There is a new trend towards corporate philanthropy. What people may not realize is that the Dallas-located energy company, Stream Energy, has been engaging in philanthropy since the beginning. “Dallas-Based Stream Energy Creates Stream Cares for Philanthropy” details some of the work that they have been doing recently as well as the company’s recent decision to open a wing of business specifically dedicated to philanthropy. It is our hope that this new division dedicated to giving will give the company a chance to survey projects and earmarked funds accordingly. This division will allow them to better assess larger projects such as the devastating hurricane in Texas.


Hurricane Harvey was a major disaster in Texas. It destroyed homes all along the coast and left many people homeless. Four people in Dallas Texas homelessness has been a consistent problem for some time. In fact, recently the homelessness issue has increased by more than 20%. This means that companies like Stream Energy who have put effort into finding a way to help this population are becoming more important to the overall population. The foundation of Stream Cares will help projects such as this one which will remain ongoing. In addition to natural disasters, the devastation they can strike humanity is always present. Stream Cares is one of the ways that companies are fighting that devastation.


As the homelessness issue increases, the administration behind Stream Energy has seen the growing need in their community. The philanthropy that the company has become so well known for is something they have practiced for many years. Since the company was founded in 2005 there has always been some money earmarked to go back into the community. The company is now spread over 7 different states providing for their energy needs. They have also put in significant time and effort expanding what services they offer to the public. As of the publishing of this article Stream Energy also offers mobile services and wireless services to customers. This expansion into other markets helps the company remain competitive and helpful to loyal customers. Stream Cares is going to be a valuable addition to their brand.