Stream Energy: Raising the Bar

In one of the least giving states in the country according to WalletHub, Texas-based energy company Stream Energy in conjunction with their charitable foundation “Stream cares” is attempting to change that image. In the wake of the destruction left behind by Hurricane Harvey along the Texas coast, Stream Energy demonstrated to the state on how philanthropy is done. The company not only raised funds for victims but many of their employees volunteered their time and safety to bring aid to the citizens of their communities.

What makes Stream Energy such a unique company in terms of its philanthropic efforts is that it has dedicated a separate branch of the company solely focused on community outreach, a rare phenomenon in the corporate industry. The company utilizes their partnerships with the American Red Cross and Habitat for Humanity in order to provide people with the best possible aid.

So, what has made Stream’s philanthropic ventures such a success? The answer lies at the ground level where Stream Energy employees build various networking groups which turn into strong relationships. The bond created often evolves into community outreach by employees. One passion project popular amongst Stream employees is the fight against homelessness in the Dallas area, particularly that of homeless children.

Every year, Stream and its employee’s partner up with Dallas-based Hope Supply Co. an organization that works to provide homeless parents and children with basic necessities to purchase an astonishing 1,000 water park tickets. The goal here is to provide these homeless children a day of fun and an overall sense of happiness, an opportunity that they may have never been able to experience.

There is no doubt that Stream Energy is changing how charitable foundations are organized and their goals executed. Stream is working extremely hard to raise the rank of not only their companies standing by the whole state of Texas.