Southridge Capital’s Five Million Dollar Deal

Stephen Hicks is the chief executive officer of Southridge Capital and a veteran investor. His company has made a deal with Elite Data Services. The Dallas, Texas based company was a chosen pick by Stephen Hicks and his team due to the innovative means of the company. Elite Data Services creates software applications and then launches them to the public. The technology company is regarded highly due to its advanced technologies. They have advertising and marketing tools for businesses. The businesses that use this software are in a variety of industries like gaming, automotive and hospitality.


The five million dollar deal between Southridge Capital and Elite Data Services will revolutionize the industries that often use Elite Data Services for their software applications. The technology company has a portfolio with an extensive history of software development and content production for many enterprises. Plus, their advertising model brings a modern approach to the way businesses secure assets and revenue. The software is one of a kind with its proprietary technology. Southridge Capital is elated to be financially backing the success of what this technology company plans to create for their future clients seeking software help to run their companies. For more details visit Bloomberg.


Southridge Capital is more than experienced to handle this type of major deal. Funding, financial advisory and commercial real estate are the areas of expertise for the company. For twenty years, the financial company has been working to aid small businesses with advisory help, as well working with commercial real estate companies and developers. Investments towering over one billion dollars has been invested by the structured finance company. They have been very influential in the financing and business development of many small and medium sized businesses. You can check out Crunchbase.


Stephen Hicks has been leading the financial company since 1996. He has three decades of experience in dealing with the economy, finances and investments. He is a driven individual that enjoys constructing deals like the one with Elite Data Services. With a master’s in business administration, he has been able to build Southridge into being a trailblazer in the industry for small business financing and advisory.