Rocketship Education Offering Schooling Opportunities for Low-income students

Rocketship, founded in 2006, is a public charter school based in San Jose California. Rocketship education was established to help low-income students get access to a good school and receive a high-quality education. Most neighborhoods in California do not have good public schools that the children can attend to and Rocketship strives to eradicate this problem. Rocketship is expanding at a significant rate as they are opening close to three schools per year. They plan to expand to other cities so that they can offer more opportunities to more students. So far they have institutions in Nashville, DC, New Orleans, and Memphis. Rocketship Education caters to the needs and interests of each of their students and believes that through innovation they can change the whole outlook of elementary school. The path to college begins at kindergarten and providing free public education to the elementary kids is a step in achieving this goal. Rocketship is a non-profit organization as they believe that knowledge should be shared without any expense that is why the main focus is on the low-income students. They also provide lunch to these students, and over 90% of the kids get free meals at school.

Rocketship not only provides transformational education to their students, but it also empowers the teachers through weekly coaching sessions and professional development programs. It wants to encourage and motivate teachers to instill and nurture students to become great innovators and creators in the future. Rocketship also values parents’ involvement in the children’s education and strive their best to include them in the school curriculum as well as outdoor activities. At Rocketship, there is no bias or discrimination against students regarding color, race or culture. The array of schools has close to 75% of students that speak English as a second language, and the students are from all kind of race. Rocketship believes that every student deserves to go to school and get a quality education and thus biases is highly frowned upon. Rocketship’s primary mission is to eradicate the achievement gap that exists by providing sustainable and quality education to all students nationwide.