Richard Liu Qiangdong Proves Why Credibility Is Of The Essence In Any Business


For any business to thrive, it needs to earn the trust of its prospects by proving to them that it has what it takes to meet and surpass their expectations. This is a fact that Richard Liu Qiangdong of Jindong found out two decades ago, and is what has been his main secret ingredient to success.

During an interview he had at the World Economic Forum, Richard said that he started his business in an age where online retail businesses had bad press due to the myriads of fraudulent companies that sold bogus goods to clients. Despite this challenge, Richard was determined to turn things around and make the online retail arena great again, by only dealing with original goods, as well as having receipts for them. View Related Info Here.


New dawn begins

Back then, Richard Liu Qiangdong did not have sufficient capital to deal in a diverse array of goods and so he only sold magneto-optical products but still, he was determined to establish his business on the core value of honesty and transparency. This made him stand out and soon, his once small business had expanded into an empire of 12 chain stores spread out across China’s main cities. Unfortunately, this is not a utopian world where things thrive and despite its success, his business began to crumble after the breakout of the SARS Virus.

He, however, did not let this deter him and he decided to close down his stores and build his empire online. That has since seen Richard Liu Qiangdong become the owner Jingdong.

Jingdong is a multi-billion business which has clients all over the world and is among the biggest e-commerce platforms in Asia with regards to revenue.


A humble beginning

Even though he dines with kings today, Richard Liu Qiangdong had quite a humble start. He revealed this fact during an interview saying that the only reasons he kept pushing on despite the many pitfalls he had at the start was because he wanted to raise money for the treatment of his ailing granny as well as his studies.

Initially, Richard pursued sociology thanks to his love for politics but realized that there was no way he could ever break out of the surface due to the competition and as such changed his perspective to programming. He taught himself coding and worked at a health care product company known as Japan Life for two years. This he used as a stepping stone and today, there is no doubt that all his dedication, commitment and smart work in pursuit of success has paid off.


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