Paul Mampilly Talks About Wall Street

Before Paul Mampilly switched to investment and research analysis, he used to work on the Wall Street where he was involved in billion dollar transactions. However, Paul Mampilly now focuses on helping other people make a fortune for themselves.

After completing school, Paul Mampilly got an opportunity with Bankers Trust where he worked as an assistant portfolio manager for some years. During his time with Bankers Trust, he managed to broker deals worth billions of dollars. He was promoted for his hard work, determination, and results. He later switched jobs and took a position at Kinetic Asset Management as a portfolio manager. Through his help, the company was recognized as the best hedge fund that year. However, as time went by, stress that comes with working on the Wall Street got to Paul Mampilly, and he decided to venture out on his own. He says that this is one of the best decisions that he has ever made and he does not regret. Recently, Paul Mampilly had the opportunity to talk to, and he had a lot to say about his personal and business life.

Paul Mampilly says that Wall Street only benefits the elite class and this is why he left. He ventured into Profits Unlimited that is geared towards helping other Americans invest on their own. He also mentions that he wants to introduce most of these people into the world of investment. Paul Mampilly says that his greatest satisfaction in life is seeing other people succeed. When asked about the best thing about leaving Wall Street, Paul Mampilly says that he no longer has the pressure that was involved with working on the Wall Street. He says that you can become a hero on the Wall Street by making one correct decision. When you fail, people blame you, and they might even prosecute you. Asked if he would change anything about his life if given an opportunity, Paul Mampilly says that he would not attend school. He says that there are better ways of learning such as being with the experienced people. If you are to succeed in this life, Paul Mampilly advises you to look into big trends.

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