Paul Herdsman Is A Multi-Talented International Businessman


Starting your business comes with the advantage of flexible work schedules and greater financial security. However, many people have failed in their quest to become their bosses and ended facing financial obscurity and debts. Drawing from his vast experience as an international businessman with multiple talents, Paul Herdsman provides useful “Business Tips” that help you in your all-important quest of becoming a successful entrepreneur.

Mr. Herdsman believes that successful entrepreneurs are characterized by the ability to learn from their mistakes and adapt to new situations based on the lessons learned. Herdsman also holds that having a positive attitude is critical when you are seeking to establish a successful business. An entrepreneur should be resilient, persistent and surround themselves with positive energy and gratitude to keep negative thoughts that may derail your business idea at bay.


Tips to Succeed in Business

Paul Herdsman believes that successful entrepreneurs are risk takers. However, he cautions that recklessness in taking risks can lead to financial losses. Therefore, an entrepreneur should analyze the risks associated with each business decision and situation to help in making calculated risks. He believes that investing in your passion can help you become a successful entrepreneur and avoid the danger of over-exertion to succeed because you are doing something you are not passionate about.

Mr. Paul Herdsman, believes that an entrepreneur should be visionary; an individual capable of mapping out a clear path for the business by setting goals and strategies for achieving them. To avoid uncalculated and costly risks, always avoid the temptation of taking shortcuts since building a successful business takes time. Therefore, build a team and enroll in mentorship programs to help you learn the ropes. See This Article to learn more.


Entrepreneurial Journey and Career Background

Paul Herdsman is the Head of General Operations at NICE Global, a Jamaica-based business solutions service provider which he co-founded. He holds a degree in Arts from Florida Atlantic University. He has worked for several companies in high profile positions which have enabled him to perfect his problem-solving skills.


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