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     Although advertising has its root in ancient, long-forgotten societies, the field of advertising exploded alongside the worldwide proliferation of capitalism some 200 years ago.

Without ads and marketing campaigns, businesses wouldn’t have as many potential customers interested in them; believe it or not, planet Earth’s modern globalized economy likely wouldn’t exist – at least not in the manner modern society knows it to be.

Fortunately, advertising agencies, the entrepreneurs that create them, and marketers that populate their active employee rosters collectively push millions of unique advertisements throughout various channels – print newspapers, television networks, movie theaters, mobile phone applications, social media, and countless other advertorial vehicles – effectively generating many times more revenue than what investments in such marketing efforts cost.

Meet the king of Brazilian advertising

Brazil is home to roughly 208 million citizens, ranging in age from geriatric-aged seniors in the latter half of their golden years to brand-spanking-new newborn babies. While asserting just one person is the king of advertising across the entirety of Brazil is difficult to prove, anyone who’s familiar with the discipline of Brazilian advertising is quick to say that Alexandre Gama is the greatest in the discipline.

The early years of native Brazilian Alexandre Gama’s life

Alexandre Gama was born in 1958 in Rio de Janeiro, Rio de Janeiro, Brazil. When he got done with secondary school – another name for the school level known as “high school” in English – he quickly enrolled in the Advertising and Communications program at the Armando Alvares Penteado Foundation, after which he found a job in New York City for world-renowned advertising agency Standard Ogilvy & Mather.

Neogama time

After nearly two decades’ worth of tenure in the world of creating promotions, Gama founded Neogama in 1999. The company is still active to this day.

After Several Years of Amazing Work with CP+P, Lori Senecal Is Leaving the Advertising Business:

It has been recently announced that global advertising agency Crispin Porter + Bogusky’s highly respected Global Chief Executive Officer Lori Senecal will be leaving her executive role at the end of 2018. The news has also broke that CP+B’s UK head Richard Pinder will also be leaving the organization.


Senecal is reportedly leaving the advertising business altogether upon her departure. She has been in the role since March of 2015 but the framework for her eventual departure from the firm has been laid out since the beginning of her tenure. CP+B Chairman of the Board Chuck Porter has stated that Lori Senecal was brought on because the firm was in great need of her superior advertising and organizational abilities.


During Lori Senecal’s time with CP+B, the firm has scored big with clients such as American Airlines. The company’s leadership is confident that Lori leaves the company in a better position than she found it and that its global reach is greater than it has ever been before. For her part, Lori Senecal is filled with confidence that the global team that has been set up within the company will lead it into a bright and successful future. The team was capped off with the recent addition of Danielle Aldrich who moves into the role as President of CP+B West. For more details visit Bloomberg.


Richard Pinder is another high profile member of CP+B’s global executive team that will be leaving the firm. Richard has expressed that he has loved working with the organization but he has other entrepreneurial pursuits that he deeply wants to pursue and so he will be stepping away. Richard Pinder has been in this role with CP+B for the last three years.


Lori Senecal has had a long and distinguished entrepreneurial career that has seen her in important roles with numerous outstanding firms. She founded TAG Ideation in 2003. Tag is a marketing group that specializes in marketing to young adults. She has also worked in roles such as President with McCann Ericson and was CEO at Kirshenbaum Bond & Partners LLC before coming on board with CP+B in 2015.



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Jed McCaleb Founded Stellar to Try and Make a Real Difference In People’s Lives

When Bitcoin first came on the currency scene in 2009 it set off a revolution that has the potential to change the way the world thinks about currency and seriously shakes up the establishment financial institutions. Jed McCaleb is one of the early pioneers in the cryptocurrency field and was one of the first people to recognize the huge potential of bitcoin. The market now has numerous different cryptocurrencies with more coming into existence all the time. Some of the other major currencies out there today include b-money, e-cash and Digicash.

Cryptocurrencies like bitcoin stand to help connect the world financially in a way that it never has been before and have massive potential for people in underdeveloped countries. Jed McCaleb created Stellar in 2014 with the idea that it could provide its customers with a large range of different options that would be beneficial for rich people and poor people alike. Jed McCaleb is the co-founder of the Stellar Fund and also serves as the operations Chief Technology Officer. One of the primary objectives of the fund is to provide people who would otherwise have no access to banking with alternative options in the cryptocurrency area.

Jed McCaleb’s innovative way of thinking about finance and banking institutions led him to the realization that the current banking system crippled individuals with numerous restrictions that were not fair. His realization that the financial institutions of the world were broken and left a huge number of people without options and resources was really the genesis of the idea for Stellar. Jed McCaleb knew he could do something that was better than what had always been done in the past. Speaking candidly with IdeaMensch in 2016, Jed McCaleb revealed that there are currently as many as 2.5 billion individuals across the world that have no access to proper financial institutions. This is where Stellar comes in. The company’s mission is the drastically improve the amount of accessibility to financial institutions for these 2.5 billion individuals that currently lack access. To accomplish this goal, Jed McCaleb has often emphasized that he spends a large amount of his time simply working with the most intelligent and innovative humans in the world today and the future is truly looking bright.

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Who is Hussain Sajwani?

Hussain Sajwani is renowned for his success in the real estate business. Sajwani was brought up by an entrepreneur father who taught him the rules of the game at a very tender age. Sajwani grew up learning the harsh reality of making it in the investment world.

He always had a passion for the real estate business. He sold time-share apartments when he was in the University, where he studied Industrial and Economic Engineering. After school, he went job hunting as all graduates do. He was lucky to secure a position with GASCO Company as the Contract Manager.

Two years later, he realized he would earn more money if he worked for himself. He quit his job and began his catering business. It was not long before it grows at the regional level and this accelerated his love for real estate.

In the 1990’s he built small hotels in the suburbs to accommodate the rising population in Emirates. Later, he raised enough money to build prominent hotels in the urban areas. In 2002, the DAMAC owner, realized that the real estate of Dubai was not explored, yet it had potential and began the DAMAC Premises.

The DAMAC Company is your partner if you want to have your dream home and don’t know where to start. Over the years, they have helped more than 20000 families attain their dream homes. Sajwani hires the award-winning architectures in the state to see that the creativity of the firm is boosted, and the customers get the best products in the market.

Sajwani’s Relationship with Donald Trump

Hussain Sajwani family has a special relationship with Donald Trump’s family. The two families share meals together regularly. Their relationship began when Sajwani and Trump partnered to work on the Trump’s international golf club, which turned out a success.

Although Trump is set to assume office, Sajwani is not worried about their partnership. He says that with the high involvement of Trump’s children in the business, their relationship will not be affected.

Sajwani’s Humanitarian Work

Hussain Sajwani is committed to sharing with the less fortunate in the society. He recently donated AED two million, which helped cloth 50000 children around the globe.

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Born in the twentieth century, Ryan Seacrest is an American known for a great reputation especially in media. He is media personnel, radio personnel and even a television host and producer. Started at a tender age, he got his education in the States, and he pursued his passion for media. This paved the way for him to be in media as his talent was pointed out early enough. In the internship, he was trained by Tom Sullivan who one day called in sick-making Ryan to take his position for a while. The opportunity became permanent even after graduating opening doors for his career growth.

He started hosting several television shows giving him the opportunity to meet top media personnel. Even in his commercial breaks, he got the chance to respond to viewers on the internet making him grow to larger heights. One hosting of a television or radio show led to another as people saw his ability and skills. Therefore, he became experienced media personnel with the capacity to host more than one show or even radio station.

He later began to produce his shows which are growing and functional up-to-date. It started this after he got several awards for being a dominant media personality. Ryan Seacrest started his own show namely, Ryan Seacrest Productions. His productions have grown to not only benefit the media industry but also benefit the community. The foundation is a non-profit organization dedicated inspiring the youth.

The Ryan Seacrest Foundation opened the Seacrest Studios which gives a channel to the children and their families. The studios are opened in several pediatric hospitals to give children inspiration and positive mentality even as they get treated. Therefore, the foundation helps to promote healing by creating a good environment for treatment. It gives access to multimedia experiences which bring patients into stimulated and excite moods. It also creates a channel for the young people to explore their creativeness on the radio and television.

In conclusion, Ryan Seacrest has brought positive changes in the society by using his growth in media to benefit himself, the community and the nation at large. He has impacted many people even beyond the country through his philanthropic activities.

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Matthew Autterson Brings His Business Into Perspective

While he’s working at CNS Bioscience, Matthew Autterson knows what it takes to give people what they need. He spends a lot of time coming up with new solutions for those who are sick. He also wants people to realize they have a chance at a better future as long as they do things the right way for their diseases. He makes a point of giving back and giving people the things that will help them. Since Matthew Autterson knows how to help others, he feels confident he can give them all the things they want without the issues that sometimes come from running his business.


He is the CEO, but that doesn’t mean he takes a step back from the day to day operations. In fact, Mathew Autterson is very involved with these operations. He knows what people are looking for and knows how to help them with all the things they need to see success. He’s spent a lot of time trying to show people how they can get a better life if they need it. He also does what he can to give attention to the issues people face while they’re doing things the right way in the business.


Even though business is important to him, Matthew Autterson knows giving back is also important. He works as a philanthropist for the Denver Zoo. He gives them what they need and tries to use his success to make the zoo more successful. He believes it is important to help other people with the issues they’re facing and that includes the zoo. For Matthew Autterson to do this, he has to prepare to give everyone the things that help them. He also has to be sure he knows what he’s doing when it comes to the options people have with the zoo. Go Here  for related Information.


When he’s not working or trying to give back to the zoo, Matthew Autterson is spending time with his family. They are the most important part of his life. Without their help, Matthew Autterson wouldn’t be successful. He wouldn’t have everything he does, and people would not see him as someone who knows how to help others. It’s part of his idea to show people they can do more, and they can get more from different situations.


For Matthew Autterson, the point of the business is giving back, and his family is the true testament of how he can give back to make things better.



The Oxford Club is Wealthy

If you are a member of the Oxford Club then you are a member of one of the most prestigious and private financial club’s in existence. While some people have jokingly called them a secret organization, there is no doubt that they are a powerhouse to be reckoned with.

If you join the Oxford Club at one of its membership levels, you will gain many benefits. If you are a Premier member then you subscribe to at least one of the clubs paid publications. This beginning level of membership allows members to enjoy some of the club’s benefits. This membership must be renewed every year.

If you are in the Directors Circle membership than you are given a few extra perks. This is the level that most investors join due to the fact it takes a full commitment. This membership is so prestigious they you can bequeath it to a family member upon your passing.

The most prestigious membership is the Chairman’s Circle. This is the highest level of membership is by far the most privileged as it allows a member to gain all the benefits of being part of the Oxford Club.

The Oxford Club boasts many benefits to its 137,000 members. Networking is the primary benefit you get from joining the Oxford Club. Word-of-mouth is the best way to get in on investment opportunity before all the profit has been made. If you are waiting for news to break out on Fox news, then you are too late.

The Oxford Club leveraged its investment philosophy to the benefit of members. This philosophy is often spoken of through their monthly newsletters. These newsletters have ranked as the best performing investment newsletters in the industry.

Another benefit is access to their online website which immediately informs its members of buy and sell alerts and gives them recommendations and strategies to make the most money depending on the amount of risk they want to use.

The Oxford Club is like having 137,000 personal financial advisors who have all made their millions through investing during harsh market conditions.

The Transformational Mind That Jed McCaleb Brough into Cryptocurrency

Although the cryptocurrency world has continued to be popular each day, there aren’t many cryptocurrency experts to shape its way forward. However, there have been some cryptocurrency professionals that have made several innovations and changes whose impact is still felt today. When thinking about these cryptocurrency experts, you can be sure that Jed McCaleb would be on that list. He is a programmer from the United States who has made great contributions in the cryptocurrency world. If it were not for him, the first global Bitcoin exchange called Mt. Gox would not have been developed. This is not the only pioneer project that Jed has been involved in. He also happens to be the mind behind eDonkey, which he developed in 2000. Most people used this network to share certain files with their peers and friends.

The newest venture Jed is remembered for is Stellar. The global financial system had certain serious flaws that Jed has recognized, and he needed to do something about them. To come up with a profound solution to the problem, Jed joined hands with Joyce Kim who became a co-founder of the Stellar Development Foundation. Today, Jed is the head of the technical development team of Stellar. He understands that the economic participation would not be increased without this financial network. He is very passionate about the technical development of this company. He spends much of his time building and coding the technical aspects of Stellar. When he isn’t doing this, he is busy receiving and responding to the emails the clients have sent to his business.

Immediately Jed got a clearer picture of what Bitcoin was, he came up with the “Stellar” idea. He knew he could use the technology behind Bitcoin to solve most of the problems that existed in cryptocurrency. Jed confirms that there was something bigger than just having the new digital currency created. According to him, connecting financial institutions was a great need even though the currency had already been created. Instead of creating another currency, Jed noted that there was a need to create a financial network with an open source to ensure all the financial institutions were well connected.

What Working For Neurocore Is Like

Neurocore is a Michigan company that was founded in 2004. They use groundbreaking neurofeedback techniques to map people’s brains. In order to do this they need to have top-notch employees working for them at both their headquarters and their brain performance center locations. These employees are the ones that help children and adults as licensed clinical specialists. They help people focus better, have better stress management practices, and sleep more soundly as well. As these employees work in a good environment with opportunities to advance their careers Neurocore is able to attract very good employees.

Neurocore has locations in two states, these being Florida and Michigan. The employees at these locations help people with ADHD and other mental conditions. Additionally, their services have been used by professional athletes who want to perform better both during practice and while competing. The employees of Neurocore get to see up close how this company helps make improvements in people’s lives. Visit to know more about Neurocore.

One employee that has been with Neurocore for a year is Josie Rhoads. Josie started out her career there as a clinical specialist and before long was promoted to a center team leader. She works at the Palm Beach Gardens Brain Performance Center. She has said that she likes to help customers use their brain maps to find out more about themselves and how they think. She also likes hearing stories from them as they come into sessions about how they are doing better in life.

At another Neurocore location, Samantha Ellis is a client advocate. She says that she moved over from exercise science to the neurology field. She says she has learned how the mind actually works and how everyone’s brain is different. She also likes learning about how to help the patients through brain mapping and neurofeedback. Learn more about Neurocore at Crunchbase.

In addition to good pay, there are a number of perks that employees of Neurocore can access. First, they have very good health, dental, and vision plans offered to them. In order to save effectively for retirement they also have a 401(k) that matches contributions. Additionally, they receive vacation and sick time.

A unique perk for Neurocore employees is that they can be clients of the company for free. They, too, can experience stress and gain the benefits of being able to concentrate better. Plus, as clients themselves, they can be better able to see things from the clients perspective if they are ones themselves.


Take The Stress Out of Party Planning

Planning a special event involves a substantial amount of time, effort, and planning. It can be very helpful to stay organized and to keep a planner and lists. It is a also a good idea to pick a theme and to keep it simple. Stick to your theme. That way you are much less likely to get overwhelmed, and your party or event will look much more put-together. It will also be less confusing and all over the place.


You may want to consider offering a drink bar and even include a specialty concoction on your drink menu. Instead of having large portions and entrées, appetizers are a really great food option. Finish off the evening with some fun favors to send home with your guests and don’t forget to have fun. Your guests will enjoy the party if their host or hostess is not frazzled and stressed out. Be calm and communicate that you have it all under control. Corporate event planners NYC are a great choice and aid when you are planning a corporate event since it can be a very big event to plan for.


If kids will be attending your function but it is more of an adult get-together, be sure to keep them occupied at a table designated just for them. Be sure to include activities for them to do and to offer kid-friendly food and drink choices.


It is always a good move to send out invites. And invites can communicate your theme and will also give you a good idea of how many guests to expect. It is also a useful tool for relaying information about your party with a personal touch.


Twenty Three Layers will bring your special event to the next level and is sure to be memorable. From corporate events to charitable get-togethers, Twenty Three Layers has it covered.


Twenty Three Layers has access to exclusive establishments, the most in-demand vendors and is s great way to host a stress-free function. They are the go-to event planning company NYC and has experienced event planners, so you don’t have to worry.