InnovaCare Health and the Experienced Leaders Who Bring Innovation to Healthcare

Innovacare Health was founded in 1998, by the founder and now Chief Executive Officer Rick Shinto.

Innovacare Health is led by Rick Shinto and Penelope Kokkinides, both leaders with a lot of experience and background in the healthcare industry.

Innovacare was created as a company that provided solutions for the healthcare industry by offering medical advantage plans and management delivery. Their employees are experts that work with effort to provide other organizations with help. They offer solutions for customer relationship, administration, operations, and the delivery of their services. They are physicians with extensive background, more than 120 years total.

The company Innovacare Health has organized its services in two different categories: Provider Networks and Medicare Advantages. They are engaged in providing cost-effective and modern solutions for your organization that are in touch with the latest tech.


The current CEO of the company, Dr. Richard A. Shinto, is also the President of the corporation. He used to work at MMM Healthcare as the CEO of the company as well and for PMC Medicare Choice under the same role. He served under many prestigious management roles, being one of the most influential leaders of the industry around the country. He also worked at AVETA as the CEO of the company and was the Corporate Vice President of MedPartners. For more details you can visit


These positions were conquered by Rick Shinto with his many years as a successful professional in the healthcare industry. He has accumulated more than thirty years of experience with clinical and operational care.


Penelope Kokkindes, another key leader of the healthcare company, was the Corporate Vice President for Care Management and Disease Management at the group AmeriChoice. Penelope was also the COO of Aveta, having successfully worked with Rick Shinto during a big portion of both leaders’ journeys. She then went to Touchstone Health HMO where she became the COO in 2008.


With their leadership and the many experts at Innovacare Health, both business leaders are helping change the healthcare industry for the better. They are integrating innovation to their methods and helping spread better ways to manage and deal with customer relationships and maintain the quality of their services. To see more you can checkout


Innovacare Health believes that it is essential to use the latest technology available in the industry to further provide the best services possible and the best treatments and therapies in the healthcare industry. This is the “Innova” part of the brand. It has helped many organizations use new methods to improve daily services.





Stream Energy: The Valuable Addition of Stream Cares

There is a new trend towards corporate philanthropy. What people may not realize is that the Dallas-located energy company, Stream Energy, has been engaging in philanthropy since the beginning. “Dallas-Based Stream Energy Creates Stream Cares for Philanthropy” details some of the work that they have been doing recently as well as the company’s recent decision to open a wing of business specifically dedicated to philanthropy. It is our hope that this new division dedicated to giving will give the company a chance to survey projects and earmarked funds accordingly. This division will allow them to better assess larger projects such as the devastating hurricane in Texas.


Hurricane Harvey was a major disaster in Texas. It destroyed homes all along the coast and left many people homeless. Four people in Dallas Texas homelessness has been a consistent problem for some time. In fact, recently the homelessness issue has increased by more than 20%. This means that companies like Stream Energy who have put effort into finding a way to help this population are becoming more important to the overall population. The foundation of Stream Cares will help projects such as this one which will remain ongoing. In addition to natural disasters, the devastation they can strike humanity is always present. Stream Cares is one of the ways that companies are fighting that devastation.


As the homelessness issue increases, the administration behind Stream Energy has seen the growing need in their community. The philanthropy that the company has become so well known for is something they have practiced for many years. Since the company was founded in 2005 there has always been some money earmarked to go back into the community. The company is now spread over 7 different states providing for their energy needs. They have also put in significant time and effort expanding what services they offer to the public. As of the publishing of this article Stream Energy also offers mobile services and wireless services to customers. This expansion into other markets helps the company remain competitive and helpful to loyal customers. Stream Cares is going to be a valuable addition to their brand.

Japan’s Softbank acquires Fortress Investment Group

Acquisitions by their very nature are not new in the business world– especially when it comes to money management. An investment firm often buys another firm to expand its territories and services. However, people on the outside don’t always know why a firm might acquire another. It was certainly a valuable decision when Softbank acquired Fortress Investment Group in December 2017. The $3.3 billion deal was approved by shareholders in July but it only became official in December. At first, many people couldn’t understand why Softbank, being an internet startup and tech-focused conglomerate, would have any interest in Fortress.

Knowing the history of both companies and their backgrounds makes it clear that the deal made sense to both groups. Softbank and Fortress Investment Group share corporate philosophies of fearless innovation. They have not been afraid of breaking new ground and rebranding while branching into new fields.

Softbank started out as a PC software platform Masayoshi, founded in 1981. Today the company is involved in more than 400 different endeavors in areas of commerce. Services range from broadband, e-commerce, and tech services to fixed line communications. The acquisition of Fortress Investment Group puts them on the trajectory towards being one of the leading investment companies in the world.

Meanwhile, Fortress Investment Group has also shown willingness to be flexible and openness to change. The investment firm was founded in 1998 by Wes Edens and Randy Nardone. Real estate, hedge funds, and private equity investment were the core businesses of the firm. The group now manages more than $40 billion assets for 1750 institutional and private investors around the globe.

The $3.3 billion acquisition deal gave Softbank all the outstanding shares of Fortress but it will not hand over the daily operations of the company just yet. Fortress Investment Group will continue to operate as before and its principal officers will remain in office to oversee the firm. Both companies hope that the deal will improve global reputations. Their positions as world-class investment firms in the short-term will also be upheld by the deal.

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National Steel Car Works Hard To Keep Gregory Aziz On Top Of His Game With New Orders For Rail Cars


National Steel Car has become the biggest rolling stock car manufacturer in Canada. The main headquarters and assembly plant is based in Hamilton, Ontario. What started out as a business back in 1912 has become a top contender for rolling stock cars for many years. The National Steel Car business is a subsidiary for the main business of National Industries Inc.

National Steel Car is being led by the chairman and CEO Gregory J Aziz. The business was first founded by Sir John Morison Gibson in 1912. He held interest to the Magor Car Corporation and was then enlisted to create the National Steel Car project which is still in service today. With the investors in place, the company then by passed all the expectations held by the investors. With the first few years under their belts, the National Steel Car industry surpassed all expectations that the people had for the startup business.

1The number of orders placed for the rolling stock cars climbed the charts throughout the year 1913. With the company just starting out, the number of cars that it was able to produce was enough to bring impeccable recommendations to the business. The beginning of the orders placed to the National Steel Car label was the demand for box cars from the Canadian Pacific Railway business. It would go on to collect more orders from various other railcar businesses.

Gregory J Aziz has maintained the business end of the contracts being signed by National Steel Car. The contracts that come in and are placed through the railcar business will require a large number of grain hopper cars to be made along with orders for lumber cars. The new contracts being put in place will grant more than 500 million dollars to be paid out over time to the National Steel Car.

The contracts that have been being signed will bring more than just money into the pockets of the National Steel Car organization. It will allow for the hiring of additional employees to the assembly plant in Hamilton. The plant will work hard to push out the orders for the 1000 grain hopper cars ordered along with 350 lumber cars to be produced.

Greg James Aziz has listened to the recommendations put forth by the people as well as the much needed demands of the clients it works for. With the new orders coming in and more jobs being filled, the Hamilton area is finding it easy to keep the neighbors working. Go To This Page to learn more.

During the latest contracts being done, the National Steel Car has been able to continue making the rail cars while earning awards. The awards that they have earned include the TTX SECO award. This award is given to a business in the rail industry that has been able to provide top of the line services and products to the customers.

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Krishen Iyer participation in the financing industry

Krishen Iyer is a well- structured business person in the industry of insurance, marketing and consultancy. During 2016, he formed the Managed Benefits Services. The firm deals with technical improvements and client interfacing. According to Krishen Iyer, his prominent firms are health and dental insurance, which focuses to make sure their objectives are achieved.He pursued a degree in public administration from San Diego State University. Before graduating, he had initiated a job at a firm which partially dealt with insurance in 2002. Serving as an owner of HIS Insurance till 2014, he managed to handle all his issues and conduct his roles appropriately to ensure that the firm develops.


In addition, Krishen Iyer assisted Name My Premium Insurance firm to prosper as they were able to get a position on the Inc. 5000 lists the same year he joined. This was a great accomplishment for the organization since it had not recorded such an improvement in a long duration. The main vision of Managed Benefits Services is to attract companies that require skilled marketing in conjunction with generation firms that offer remedies the firms require. Marketing analytics are currently improving, allowing the firms to commit themselves to the plan to look for clients.


Krishen Iyer is grateful towards the technology that has made it easy for the organization to improve the strategies they want to make the firm nurture. Furthermore, the modernized technology has made it easier for the firms to decrease the risks involved and improve efficiency in their services. Besides the firm offering its services to the clients, it also provides contracts to the sales individuals to boost their production services. He also spends his time to support the charity organizations and also to serve the municipal society project developments. Through his position and experience in the industry, he has assisted companies through consulting services.

The Strategy Behind Boraie Development’s Aspire Property

New Brunswick, NJ at one time was seen as the place in Jersey where everyone wanted to leave and nobody was likely to settle in. But today public perception of it is changing and various urban planners and investors are seeing it as a strategic location for workers commuting across the river into Manhattan as well as others looking to be near office space in New Brunswick. That was thinking behind Boraie Development’s project The Aspire, an 18-story housing complex that has been leased by hundreds of these commuting workers. Best of all, Boraie Development has put in first class amenities at this property that have helped make it attractive to very young tenants and made it more accommodating for long-term housing needs. Boraie Development’s portfolio has many other commercial and residential properties like this. For more details visit Crunchbase.


Boraie Development has been a family-owned real estate investment firm that seems to believe in making returns in markets where most experts would advise to stay clear of. The founder, Sam Boraie showed he was not going to stick to his real estate investment goals right from the get go when he began buying properties in the Albany Street area of the city, a section of it that was mostly abandoned and even deemed unsafe to be in after dark. But city leaders became shocked when Boraie’s buildings started rising in what’s now a regular plaza occupied by two 8-story buildings.


Prior to the beginning of The Aspire, Boraie Development brought the idea of high rise housing when they announced a plan for One Spring Street. The reason most city experts thought this project would fail to get a return on investment was because high rises had been largely ignored by previous property management companies and contractors, and they thought the demand for that housing was non-existent in New Brunswick. But Boraie Development proved critics wrong once again when One Spring Street became occupied in less than two months. For more details visit



Sam Boraie has somewhat stepped down to allow his sons Wasseem and Sam to run Boraie Development today, but he was honored for his contributions to Rutgers University with a special Omar Boraie Chair at their Genomic Research Department. The company has also had some notable partners who’ve contributed to funding building projects in Newark, including NBA legend Shaquille O’Neal who announced he would be buying apartment space in the new One Rector Street property this last Spring.



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Jason Hope Enables Groundbreaking Anti-Aging Research

Entrepreneur Jason Hope is a businessman who believes in giving back to the community. Born and raised in Arizona, he studied finance at Arizona State University and obtained his MBA. Using this knowledge, he has become extremely successful as an entrepreneur. Dealing in futures and investing in successful business ventures have made him a respected member of the business community. This might explain why he is also a highly-paid consultant.

Jason Hope also invests his money in various philanthropic causes. In this way, a successful person can use their wealth to benefit society in all kinds of ways. For Mr. Hope, his philanthropic work is centered around the idea of investing in new technologies that work to improve human life. He especially enjoys investing in ideas that go against the grain of established thinking, as these can often be the most successful. For more information read about Jason Hope on Medium

For instance, in 2010 Jason Hope donated a staggering $500,000 to the SENS Research Foundation. This is a highly ambitious research project that intends not only to fight aging but possibly to reverse it as well. This fascinating project is more than just a concept. They have already shown that they can inhibit the buildup of glycation products within human tissue, which results in greater elasticity. As a person ages, some of their key tissues become hard and brittle. This is because they accumulate molecular bonds that eventually build up to an unsustainable level. The work done by the SENS foundation shows that this process can be reversed.

In a speech given after he made his contribution, Jason Hope expressed his view that the kind of research being conducted by the SENS foundation was essential to the advancement of medical science, and that it had the potential to reshape everything we thought we knew about healthcare. If this groundbreaking research is even half as successful as it promises to be, Mr. Hope’s prediction is very likely to prove correct.

It would not be surprising if, one day soon, we find that the boundaries of human life are much farther than we would ever have dreamed. Since aging is the one problem that is guaranteed to kill everyone sooner or later, we should all certainly hope so.

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The Career Life Of Gregory James Aziz

James Aziz was born on the thirtieth of April the year 1949 in London, Ontario. He is the now the acting President, Chief Executive Officer and Chairman of the now highest ranked freight car manufacturing and engineering company in the world known as the National Steel Car Limited based in Hamilton, Ontario.


Gregory James Aziz attended the University of Western Ontario where he focused on Economics. He had earlier schooled at the college of Ridley .Looking at his family background, his success started back after joining his family food business in the year 1971 known as the Affiliated Floods. Over the sixteen years he worked there the company did so well and grew to import high value foods across the continent of Europe, Central America and all parts of the Southern America. There major fresh foods markets included Eastern Canada and across the whole of the United States.

Greg J. Aziz served at numerous banking opportunities investing widely between the late 1980s and the early years of the 1990s and come the year 1994, he was able to pull his funds together and purchased from a National Steel Car Company.


Gregory James Aziz had a vision of transforming this Canada based company into a world class a railroad car manufacturing company. Gregory Aziz emphasized on the company’s engineering capabilities, the aspect of working together and by investing in both human and capital. The growth of this company accelerated at a very high speed evidently from the output. When Gregory James Aziz was buying this company, it could only manufacture three thousand five hundred vehicles annually but at the end of the

year 1999 under his observance it recorded twelve thousand cars per year. Number of employees grew drastically five times more over the same period of time, from six hundred to three thousand workers. See This Page for additional information.


The National Steel Car now brags of manufacturing tens of thousands of freight cars, railroads to be specific thanks to the endless and relentless chase of their one vision of manufacturing and engineering excellence. It happens to be the only North America’s engineering and manufacturing company of railroad freight car that has ever been certified by the ISO 9001: 2008 maintaining that record for 18 years. Gregory James Aziz has not be tied entirely to this world class company as with her wife Irene, they are the official sponsors of Canada’s most recognized agricultural fair, the Royal Agriculture Winter Fair.


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Gareth Henry is Helping to Save Lives all Over the World

Gareth Henry has seen the darkest side of being a gay in Jamaica. It is not well known, and he is bringing this very real reality for many gays to light so that the rest of the world can see. He has lost 13 of his friends to gay brutality and more dies each day simply because of their sexual preference and the zero tolerance in Jamaica and in the other 75 countries around the world.

Gareth Henry is dedicated to helping LGBTQ Jamaicans who are wanting to escape their lives and even death. Gareth Henry is a former co-chair of the Forum of Lesbians, All-Sexuals, and Gays, also known as J-FLAG, and he has many stories to tell about the downright gruesome way that many gays are treated in his homeland. He is a victim himself and was badly beaten and threatened with death which is why he fled his country to become a refugee in Canada.

He works at the Toronto People With AIDS Foundation where he is an interim director. He volunteers for Rainbow Railroad when he is not working. Rainbow Railroad is a nonprofit group that is helping to relocate people all over the world who are LGBTQ and are being persecuted.

Gareth Henry is an activist who is making the world aware of the horrible things that so many people have had to endure simply because of their sexual preference. Many gays have had to live in sewers and in cemeteries to stay alive and to get away form persecutors, and it is horrific that anyone should have to live this way in this day and age, but they do, and not many people even know about it.

Thanks to Henry, in 2016 he was able to help relocate 60 persecuted refugees to new countries where they were able to escape persecution. Many of these refugees where Jamaican. It is a temporary solution, but it keeps them alone so that hopefully one day they won’t have to live with persecution in their homelands. He is very passionate about what the Rainbow Railroad does.

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Southridge Capital’s Five Million Dollar Deal

Stephen Hicks is the chief executive officer of Southridge Capital and a veteran investor. His company has made a deal with Elite Data Services. The Dallas, Texas based company was a chosen pick by Stephen Hicks and his team due to the innovative means of the company. Elite Data Services creates software applications and then launches them to the public. The technology company is regarded highly due to its advanced technologies. They have advertising and marketing tools for businesses. The businesses that use this software are in a variety of industries like gaming, automotive and hospitality.


The five million dollar deal between Southridge Capital and Elite Data Services will revolutionize the industries that often use Elite Data Services for their software applications. The technology company has a portfolio with an extensive history of software development and content production for many enterprises. Plus, their advertising model brings a modern approach to the way businesses secure assets and revenue. The software is one of a kind with its proprietary technology. Southridge Capital is elated to be financially backing the success of what this technology company plans to create for their future clients seeking software help to run their companies. For more details visit Bloomberg.


Southridge Capital is more than experienced to handle this type of major deal. Funding, financial advisory and commercial real estate are the areas of expertise for the company. For twenty years, the financial company has been working to aid small businesses with advisory help, as well working with commercial real estate companies and developers. Investments towering over one billion dollars has been invested by the structured finance company. They have been very influential in the financing and business development of many small and medium sized businesses. You can check out Crunchbase.


Stephen Hicks has been leading the financial company since 1996. He has three decades of experience in dealing with the economy, finances and investments. He is a driven individual that enjoys constructing deals like the one with Elite Data Services. With a master’s in business administration, he has been able to build Southridge into being a trailblazer in the industry for small business financing and advisory.