I Tried Many Times To Do It With Ill-Heath But I Failed, Jim Toner Tells His Listeners

At 27 years, Jim Toner is in the record as one of the fastest-growing young entrepreneurs in the US. Jim’s business centers on real estate investment and property development. Although he has the name and the money at a tender age, Jim Toner doesn’t keep all these to himself. He says some of his good and bad experiences with his listeners. Whenever he gets a chance, which he ultimately schedules for, he gives talks on big lecture halls. He also attends interviews on big media house such as ABC, CNN, FOX, CBS, and NBC. Reputable newspapers and magazines have also taken a step to publish some of Jim Toner’s practical tips on business. These publications have a massive readership thus anybody interested in real estate can access the advice. Some of those who have listened to Jim Toner speak on FOX, for instance, say that his practical advice and common sense answers will leave you motivated.

Although Jim Toner is a successful businessman, not all have been easy on his part. He warns those who want to venture real estate development that there are things to consider. Toner says that no one can work while they are sick. “I tried it many times. The more I tried with an ill-health, the more it seemed to me that I’ll ultimately fail,” Toner concedes. He advises his listeners that while no one plans to be sick, keeping health by doing physical exercises is inevitable for any businessperson who wants to succeed in property investment.

According to Weekly Opinion, Toner’s practical advice on anybody who wants to test the waters of real estate and property investment has made him earn the nickname ‘The Anti Guru‘. As if this is not over, the young entrepreneur has been able to work with other big brands in the industry. They include Bill Bartmann, Frank McKinney, and Napoleon Hill Foundation.

“Eating healthy foods and keeping fit by doing physical exercises are important to any entrepreneur. These things will enable you to think right, something that is necessary for any entrepreneur,” he crowns. Jim Toner also says that laughter is crucial. He argues that laughter and happiness brings a state of balance in one’s body. View Toner’s career history thru LinkedIn.

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The Early Life and Career of Billionaire Hussain Sajwani

Hussain Sajwani is a national of the United Arab Emirate and the Chairman and Founder of a global real estate agency, DAMAC Properties. He began his career at a subsidiary of Abu Dhabi National Oil, GASCO, as a contracts manager immediately after graduating with a degree in Economics from the Washington University. Two years later, Hussain Sajwani established a business that would specialize in catering services. While his catering division began humbly, it gradually grew to become a market leader with over 200 global projects. It currently serves over 150,000 food chains in the Middle East, CIS, and Africa. Hussain Sajwani’s catering division serves army camps, five-star hotels, and construction sites. It also provides ancillary services such as workforce supply, maintenance, and camp management.

Hussain Sajwani is well-known for pioneering the expansion of the property market in the Middle East. He was instrumental in the construction of several five-star hotels that would accommodate foreigners visiting Dubai for business deals in the mid-1990s. Mr. Hussain identified a niche in the real estate market and formed DAMAC Properties, which has since grown to become one of the top realtors in the UAE. Mr. Sajwani’s vast experience in the property development world has been one of the critical drivers of the success of DAMAC Properties. He has initiated the development of several prestigious projects in global cities such as London, Abu Dhabi, Amman, Dubai, and Riyadh.

DAMAC Properties currently has approximately 2000 employees across the globe, and its shares trade publicly on the Dubai Securities Exchange. Over time, DAMAC Properties has built a track record in the world of real estate and has constructed over 20,880 apartments with over 40,000 units in progress. DAMAC Properties is a prestigious brand in the property development market and has joined forces with lifestyle and fashion brands to design exciting living concepts. DAMAC Properties has recently launched, DAMAC Maison, one of its hospital divisions that specializes in the provision of bespoke medical care to hotel apartments and hotel rooms. The move will position DAMAC Properties as the top operators in the real estate and hotel apartment fields. View Sajwani’s career history on LinkedIn.

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Education Secretary Betsy DeVos Has A Controversial Style And Trump Likes That Style

Lawmakers did not want to confirm Michigan billionaire Betsy DeVos as education secretary in 2016. Thanks to Mike Pence, Betsy got the job. DeVos hasn’t stopped making headlines or creating new enemies since Pence cast his vote. Betsy is a fighter, according to the people who know her. And she hasn’t disappointed those people over the last 18 months. DeVos wants to turn the public school system into a for-profit charter school system because she has proof that for-profit charter schools have higher test scores than public schools. But that proof is questionable, according to some Michigan educators. Betsy’s charter schools in Michigan are not performing as well as DeVos thinks they are, but that’s not stopping her from changing the meaning of public education.



The list of DeVos missteps over the last 18 months have some educators questioning the sanity of the education department. Her “60 Minutes” interview was a nightmare, and her school visits are usually uncomfortable meetings that don’t end well for the students and teachers. She likes to keep a low profile while she dismantles the public school system, and she doesn’t apologize for the way she handles conflicts. DeVos has a mission. That mission is to bring religion into her charter public school system while she claims that isn’t on her “must-do list.”



Betsy is the one Trump official that flies under his radar. She is bringing the for-profit college situation to the forefront once again, and Trump gets satisfaction from that decision. DeVos wants to revitalize the crooks who took money from low-income college students, and she is rolling back Obama’s racial affirmative action policy. Plus, she is reducing the size and the effectiveness of the education department. In short, Betsy DeVos is Donald Trump’s education henchwoman, and she’s good at it.



Most people in Michigan love Betsy and Dick DeVos. Betsy, and husband Dick, donate millions to Michigan nonprofits every year. Some people in their home state call them “the first couple of the Republican Party.” Betsy is a God-fearing woman with strong convictions and a good heart. But she lacks the personality or the compassion to deal with the people she thinks lack credibility. Her lack of credibility seems to be on display when she travels around the country and in Europe. But that lack doesn’t bother her. In her mind, and in the minds of her loyal followers, Betsy can do no wrong. That may be true in Michigan, but in other states, Betsy is an enigma created by Donald Trump for the sole purpose of disrupting the education system.


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Gregory James Aziz – The Man Who Transformed National Steel Car


There’s no doubt that Canada would be a much greater country if it had more people like Gregory James Aziz. The National Steel Car CEO has been responsible for a lot of good things, including the organization and funding of Royal Agricultural Winter Fair.


Greg Aziz Joins Family Business

Gregory James Aziz was born on April 30, 1949. He was born in London, Ontario (not the United Kingdom.) He liked Ontario, so he decided to enroll on Ridley College, where he majored in the field of economics.

Gregory J Aziz didn’t search for the right job upon graduation. Instead, he joined a family food business, the Affiliated Foods, back in 1971. The company did very well during his time, importing and exporting food globally.

Specifically, they would import wholesale food from Europe as well as from two Americas (Central and South), and then distribute the fresh food in the US and Eastern Canada.



Obtaining National Steel Car

After he acquired plenty of experience in Affiliated Foods, Greg James Aziz decided to create something on his own. He started working for several investment banks in New York, up until 1994, when he finally worked out a deal with Dofasco, from whom he purchased National Steel Car company.

Greg had a clear vision: he wanted to transform the National Steel Car and turn it into one of the world’s largest railroad freight car manufacturer.


Turning A Dream Into Reality

The first thing that Greg Aziz did was figuring out the company’s biggest strengths. He soon realized that National Steel Car’s most significant advantage was dominant engineering capabilities. Greg paired these capabilities with strong team building.

He brought a lot of capital and investors, and significantly expanded the company, turning it into a global player. When Greg purchased National Steel Car (in 1994), the company was producing 3500 cars yearly. View More Information Here.

Five years later, the company was producing 12,000 cars annually. Most importantly, during that period the company increased its workforce substantially, going from 600 to 3000 employees.


National Steel Car Today

National Steel Car company grows with each new day. They build thousands of railroad freight car yearly but also investing in new technologies and innovation. Aside from being awarded consistently with TTX SECO highest quality award, it is the only company in North America that has been ISO 9001:2008 certification; they have kept the accreditation for more than 18 years now.

The company is also an active participant in Hamilton society, sponsoring cultural events and various charitable organizations, such as the Theatre Aquarius and the Salvation Army. He and his wife are also major sponsors of Royal, Canada’s famous agricultural festival.



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Jed McCaleb’s Predictions about the Future of Currency Exchange

Jed McCaleb knows a few things about bitcoin and international exchanges. As the founder of multiple bitcoin startups, including his current position as Chief Technology Officer at Stellar Development Foundation which he also co-founded.

And in Jed McCaleb’s vision for the future currency exchanges and digital coin currency are inevitable. He foresees a financial future where all currencies with government backing can be exchanged in one international digital currency that anyone can access from anywhere. By having a universal method of exchange for all currencies business can become a more egalitarian, widespread activity. Any member of any nation could, with internet access, put whatever currency they use onto the global market and bring not only their capital but their goods and services to a wider customer base- a base that could span the world.

This would not be some shadowy government agency running the exchange system nor would it be an unaccountable group of elites. Jed McCaleb sees a global financial exchange that is open source and visible to the entire populace. If you can use the system you can double check it yourself. Everything would therefore be transparent.

One of the larger problems would be deciding between using a centralized exchange or a series of independent exchanges using the same technology much like different banks operate today. Jed McCaleb believes that a series of exchanges would work the best as any system large enough to cover cross border transactions all over the world would be too large and vulnerable if it was centralized.

This system would not only allow for currency transactions across national borders and banking but also to stock purchases. Stellar Development Foundation, a non profit, is working on many of these issues in terms of software and infrastructure. The goal of Stellar is the help bring as much of the world as possible in to a single market system for the benefit of everyone.

There must be merit to Jed McCaleb’s predictions: IBM uses Stellar technology to develop a cross-border exchange and the company has raised over $9 billion (U.S.) in four years from coin investments.

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The Story of Victoria Doramus

Victoria Doramus is an expert marketer. She holds years of experience in the field of marketing and is also an expert analyst of trend. Having dealt with the marketing department for many years she holds proper expertise in the field. Victoria Doramus is also said to have great knowledge of the global market. She has proper understanding of a range of lifestyle products and also knows the customer trend when it comes to retail and fashion. She knows well that which trend is to create impact on which segment of the market and also the intensity of that impact. Victoria Doramus also holds e experience in the field of writing as she has written several reports about various global marketing trends.

From year 2009 to the year 2015 Victoria Doramus worked as a freelance writer. She wrote several books and even worked as a research assistant. She mostly worked as a ghost-writer hence she didn’t have claim over any of her work done. She contributed her expertise to books like Decades, A Century of Fashion, Menu dating and many more. Victoria Doramus also worked as an Art director and even as a Trend Consultant. According to visualcv.com, her job was to develop visual and quality materials for Holiday 2010, Spring Summer 2011 with J.Crew and Stilla Collaboration.

Victoria Doramus is formally from London. She gained her education degrees from University of Colorado. She has attained a Bachelors (B.A) in Journalism from the Colorado University, Boulder. She has also gained knowledge on Designing. She has earned a degree in Contemporary Design from a University in London known as the Sotheby’s Institute of Art. She has gained many other work experiences starting as an Assistant Media Player. She was also a personal assistant to a television film director known as Peter Berg.

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Luiz Carlos Trabuco’s Rise To The Top

The Bradesco bank is the second largest bank in Brazil. In October of 2017, the Bradesco Bank had to select a new individual to take over the position as Chairman of the Board of Directors at the Bradesco Bank. The new Chairman would replace Lazaro Brandao. Brandao was the second Chairman of the of the Bradesco Bank taking the place of the bank’s founder in 1990. The new Chairman of the Board of Directors has worked at the Bradesco bank since 1969 at age 17.

The new chairman’s name is Luiz Carlos Trabuco. He has lived in the bank’s community his entire life. While working at the bank, he completed two degrees at Universities in Sao Paulo. Trabuco has a degree in Sciences and Letters and a Socio-Psychology degree. He has been able to accomplish his work while working at the bank.

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Luiz Carlos Trabuco worked at the Bradesco bank for 15 years before he received his first promotion. His promotion was to Marketing Director. The Bradesco bank had enjoyed a much closer relationship with the media than before because of the work that the new Marketing Director used. After eight years of improving the banks marketing team, he became the Chief Executive Officer of Bradesco Light and Foresight until 1998. In 1998 Trabuco became the Managing Director for only a year. In 1999 he took a position as the Executive Vice President.

In 2003 Luiz Carlos Trabuco became the president of Bradesco Insurance. When he received the position as President of the company he also gained access to eight companies that were attached to Bradesco Insurance. During the time that he was in control of the Bradesco Insurance, he increased the execution of company by 25%. In 2015 Trabuco elected Entrepreneur of the Year due to his purchase of HSBC. The HSBC transaction was the most significant purchases in the Bradesco Bank’s history. He received many other awards after he received the HSBC purchase award.

In 2017 Luiz Carlos Trabuco was selected to be the new Chairman of the Board of Directors of Bradesco. He was chosen to take the place of Lazaro Brandao because he has aided in the company making history and going down a path to success that they weren’t expecting to take place. It appeared to be evident that he would be the best fit to lead the company as the third Chairman of the Board of Directors.

Source: http://www1.folha.uol.com.br/mercado/2017/10/1926243-proximo-presidente-do-bradesco-saira-da-diretoria-do-banco-diz-trabuco.shtml

HCR Wealth Advisors Provides Latest Retirement Information

Many people who look to retire will often emphasize financial planning, which is known to be the most critical factor when planning for retirement. While sound financial planning will enable people to retire, there are some other elements that may not be addressed. These include emotional, psychological, intellectual, and physical adjustments. As a result, it is important to pay attention to these factors in order to ensure that you make a smooth transition to retirement. By keeping these factors in mind, you will be in a position to have a fulfilling existence when living out your retirement years.

HCR Wealth Advisors has classified modern retirement as the “New Retirement”. This process explores the situation where people transition from employment to retirement. During this time, individuals may experience a loss of their identity and lose their engagement to a work schedule and regular socialization. Individuals who are transitioning to retirement will often have to make adjustments in their personal and family life, health, and what leisure activities they plan on doing during their retirement years.

In most cases, retirement is voluntary and often something that many people look forward to. However, there are times when people may be forced into an early retirement and be prone to experiencing a number of negative emotions such as depression, frustration, fatigue, and feelings of low self-esteem and inadequacy. Most people on average spend up to 20 years planning the financial aspects of their retirement but not the lifestyle and personal ones. As a result, they may be in a position to go through a state of shock when they are suddenly no longer working.

With the New Retirement program, individuals will have the opportunity to make more informed decisions about their retirement other than the financial aspects. It is important to retire from a career to a new lifestyle that is fulfilling and productive. During this process, individuals who are retired will often have to make adjustments so that they are not living their life in boredom. With multiple plans, you can have a happy and fulfilling retirement.

HCR Wealth Advisors is a registered investment advisory firm. The firm helps individuals and businesses plan their finances so that they can reach their respective goals. For individuals, the firm helps them by offering retirement planning and wealth management services. HCR Wealth Advisors assists businesses by providing consulting services which entail financial advice on managing assets. With HCR Wealth Advisors (@HCRwealth), individuals and businesses will be able to take advantage of insurance services so that they can more easily protect their assets. Clients who work with HCR Wealth Advisors will be in a position to take advantage of benefits such as investment education and work with a firm that provides integrity, trust, and empowerment.

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Philanthropist Extraordinaire James Dondero

Living in Dallas, Texas, James Dondero is a well-known Philanthropist and entrepreneur who dedicates much of his time to assisting those in need. After he had donated a large quantity of money to the Dallas Zoo, James Dondero was able to assist the zoo in rebuilding a Hippo habitat for the first time in two decades. This one million dollar donation spearheaded the entire 14 million dollar project into completion and now houses two Hippos. Read this article at barrons.com.

James Dondero is known for more than just this one act of giving back to the community. Caused by being passionate about helping those in need, Dondero’s firm has donated to a plethora of charities and causes such as the Perot Museum of Natural Science, the Education is Freedom charity, and the George W. Bush Presidential Library and Museum. After founding the Dallas Foundation for the sole purpose of contributing money to different charitable organizations, Dondero has been able to greatly assist the civic, veterans, students, and other charity groups in the Dallas, Texas region.

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With hopes to continue assisting different charity groups, James Dondero recently has collaborated with Linda Owen, prior CEO of Woodall Rodgers Park Foundation, to help renovate sections of northern Texas. Expanding to different charity groups is also a focus for Dondero, as his partnership with Linda Owen inspired him to donate to the Family Place. Helping shelter victims of domestic violence and abuse, Family Place is one of Dondero’s new charities focuses on great importance. James Dondero’s ambitions for charity don’t end there, as he is also offering large amounts of money to oversea organizations as well. Read more about James at Crunchbase.

The Career Life Of Michael Burwell

The only way to become an expert at something is by spending a lot of time doing the same thing. You eventually become a guru in the field. Michael Burwell is Willis Towers Watson’s new Chief Financial Officer. He is excited to be joining the team. He will be replacing Roger Millay, who decided to retire from his job after many years of service.


Michael Burwell says that the management has done an excellent job of keeping the company in good shape. He is there to propel the Willis Towers Watson and continue with the agendas of the company. The CEO of the firm, John Haley welcomed Michael Burwell and mentioned that he was confident in him. This is based on his great experience and rich educational background.


Having worked at Pricewaterhouse Coopers in different capacities like being the Head of Global Transformation; the Chief Financial Officer in-charge of the United States as well as the Head of Transaction services for the United States. With more than 11 years’ experience in auditing, Mike was no doubt the most qualified guy for the position. Burwell is also well armed with not less than 12 years when matters related to pre-merger valuation and due diligence are concerned.


Michael Burwell says that his ideas come from within the organization. He explains that people in every company have different ways of doing things, and their different perspectives combined are unbelievable. Burwell says that all one has to do is ensure that you keep an open ear to everyone, regardless of their positions in the organization. That is the secret of having mastermind ideas. See This Page for related information.


One way to ensure that you get to achieve more is finding ways that make you productive. Michael Burwell says that the secret is to learn how to accomplish more by doing less. He says that we have to utilize the technology that we have. The facilities help to do a lot of things within a short time span. He, therefore, advises the young entrepreneurs to take advantage of the tools and have higher efficiency.


Michael Burwell stresses the importance of networking and communication when asked about the advice that he could offer the young entrepreneurs. He says that networking is vital to both the business and interpersonal relationships. He also mentions that communication is essential in all business ventures. Burwell says that you have to stop talking and listen to others and what opinions they have. Telling them what they want to hear is not enough, be attentive to know what they have to say to be able to give proper advice.



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