Career Spotlight: Litigation with Karl Heideck

     Karl Heideck is a Philadelphia-based legal representative professional with a wide experience in the industry. Karl Heideck is also recognized as one of the few lawyers who doesn’t lose a case in a court of law. This is denoted from his past experiences as he has never administered a loss for every case he decides to take on during the normal trial. Karl Heideck has also represented criminal clients, individuals, and the real estate firms. Karl Heideck has also represented a wide range of employees who are filing their injury claims in the United States law courts for compensation.

When you talk about litigation attorneys, most people think that you are talking about the litigation or suing a person. However, this is the true definition of what it means when you talk about the litigation attorney. These are the attorneys who prepare your cases for trial. However, most of the cases concerning the personal injury litigation do not proceed to trial. This is because their compensation claims are settled before the case goes further in litigation. In the criminal court case proceedings, the defendants always take a plea deal. When it comes to the personal injury cases, real estate defendants, as well as other civil cases, often engage in the acceptance of the settlement before the case proceeds to full trial.

Most of the civil litigation attorneys work for the law companies that employ a wide range of several lawyers. For some, they have private [practice or work at the boutique firms. Most of the larger law companies have law departments. In these departments, there is a subdivision of the departments to form sub-departments that are good for those seeking the personalized legal counsel of representation in their cases. There are also other types of laws that practice with these attorneys including the real estate, business, and family law. While most of the civil litigation attorneys work in the private sector business law firms, some of them often work for the government as their employee. However, the civil litigators working for the government work as district attorneys and prosecutors.

Other large corporations exist to employ their independent attorneys. Large companies and banks also employ their independent attorneys. It also applies to the insurance companies who hire attorneys for their service working on numerous cases at the same time. For most of the large companies, they have a team of litigators working on a case while one of them supervises their activities.

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Todd Lubar Helps Many Others Achieve Their Own Dreams

TDL Global Ventures President Todd Lubar and senior vice president at Legendary Investments is a successful businessman and entrepreneur. Todd carries extensive knowledge in the background of real estate and shares his knowledge with others who are hoping to own their own home one day.

Todd has ranked amongst the top 25 in the mortgage originators in the United States for the last few years, see Todd has more than just real estate background. He has also worked in the entertainment industry along with construction and within the mortgage banking department. He is extremely passionate about how to serve the community with his background knowledge. Because of this desire, Todd has made it possible for many others to succeed.

Todd Lubar came up with the idea to create TDL Global Ventures when he worked in the finance area for 20 years. That is when he realized that he wanted to do more than just be involved with the finance department. He instead thought of a way that he could help others. Todd came up with an idea to eliminate the barriers which kept others from receiving the money they need in loans to own their own home. Todd had the idea to help others get relief while trying to obtain loans.

Even though Todd Lubar has an extensive background in money and investments, he still remains very down to earth. He starts his day with a cup of coffee just like anyone else. He then sits down to enjoy breakfast with his kids before working out and heading to the office. He catches up on the news to make sure that he knows what is going on in the world and clears his head for the remainder of the day.

Todd lives in Bethesda, Maryland and has 2 beautiful children. His has a passion for Orange County, California. He enjoys spending time with his kids while traveling. He only has one goal in life and that is to be a better person each and every day. He also wants to make sure that he is able to add value to everyone’s lives that he comes into contact with.

Paul Mampilly Talks About Wall Street

Before Paul Mampilly switched to investment and research analysis, he used to work on the Wall Street where he was involved in billion dollar transactions. However, Paul Mampilly now focuses on helping other people make a fortune for themselves.

After completing school, Paul Mampilly got an opportunity with Bankers Trust where he worked as an assistant portfolio manager for some years. During his time with Bankers Trust, he managed to broker deals worth billions of dollars. He was promoted for his hard work, determination, and results. He later switched jobs and took a position at Kinetic Asset Management as a portfolio manager. Through his help, the company was recognized as the best hedge fund that year. However, as time went by, stress that comes with working on the Wall Street got to Paul Mampilly, and he decided to venture out on his own. He says that this is one of the best decisions that he has ever made and he does not regret. Recently, Paul Mampilly had the opportunity to talk to, and he had a lot to say about his personal and business life.

Paul Mampilly says that Wall Street only benefits the elite class and this is why he left. He ventured into Profits Unlimited that is geared towards helping other Americans invest on their own. He also mentions that he wants to introduce most of these people into the world of investment. Paul Mampilly says that his greatest satisfaction in life is seeing other people succeed. When asked about the best thing about leaving Wall Street, Paul Mampilly says that he no longer has the pressure that was involved with working on the Wall Street. He says that you can become a hero on the Wall Street by making one correct decision. When you fail, people blame you, and they might even prosecute you. Asked if he would change anything about his life if given an opportunity, Paul Mampilly says that he would not attend school. He says that there are better ways of learning such as being with the experienced people. If you are to succeed in this life, Paul Mampilly advises you to look into big trends.

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Lori Senecal, the Internet Marketing Expert

It is important for any business to take calculated risks in today’s digital marketing practice. Media and internet marketing can prove successful if businesses think outside the box and provide great experiences to their users. This can be done by capturing the attention of people who browse the internet on their phones or computers. This involves the use of creative methods in promotional campaigns. Lori Senecal has been giving advice to business people on the various advertising trends that are emerging. These business advertising trends include

  • Mobile advertising -using of smartphones for business
  • The use of facebook and Google
  • The use of shorter ads
  • The use of mobile ads
  • Marketing through chat
  • Using people

The use of these methods is aimed at capturing the attention of the customer. This can be done through different approaches. However, the mostly commonly used ones include

  • Using the color effect
  • Messages designed for mobile users
  • Using humor
  • Data analysis

According to Adage, currently Lori Senecal is the Global Chief Executive Officer for Crispin Porter & Bogusky LLC, a position she has held since 2015. She has a long career in the area of advertising and has worked as the CEO for MDC Partner Network. She is associated with various highly effective advertising approaches for businesses. She has also worked in the areas of strategic planning, innovation and account leadership. Her duties include to oversee the expansion of the agency globally, coordination and management of the company. Lori was the brainchild behind TAG Ideation which was involved in marketing to young adults. Due to her skills and experience Lori became the President of McCann, New York. She was also the President and CEO of Kirshenbaum Bond Senecal Partners (KBS).

Lori Senecal has received many awards due to her contributions in the sector. One such award was at the Game Changers Awards where she got recognition with the Quantum Leap award for innovation. She was also named as the women to watch by Ad age in 2014. Apart from receiving awards, she is also involved in rewarding students for inventions and innovations through the Isaac Award, a foundation that she founded.

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The Online World of Doe Deere

The online world has given rise to some of today’s brightest entrepreneurs, one in particular who has achieved massive success is Doe Deere. Doe Deere is the proud owner of her own cosmetics company called Lime Crime cosmetics. She shares some of her secrets to success in a recent with Ideamensch. She tells how she found a way to combine her passion for makeup with a successful business model. Now others are looking to follow in her footsteps and achieve the same kind of entrepreneurial success she has enjoyed. Learn more:

Born in Russia and raised in New York, Doe Deere found a way to reinvent the traditional make up supplier business into something new and fresh. Her makeup company Lime Crime has a focus on expressing yourself in unique ways that can be altered to fit your mood. Doe Deere intentionally steered her company away from the established approach of a ‘natural’ aesthetic in the make up world. The bright and happy colors that define Lime Crimes make up style is a refreshing change of pace in a stagnant industry that is stuck in it’s ways choosing to stay within the guidelines of previously established models to stay safe. In 2004 she first started her business and maintaining cruelty free products has been a focus for her since day one. It is important that her company does not sell any products that contribute in any way to the harm of animals. This is perhaps a major contributing factor to her success, by giving consumers an ideology to rally behind that fits the modern mentality of being environmentally conscious and reducing harm to animals that is gaining traction among consumers in today’s market. She attributes Lime Crimes success to her methodical approach to her business beginning with her business plan. Learn more:

Staying focused on details and taking all of the necessary steps to lay out your business plan will help you stay organized and in the long term this will only boost your chances of success. Investors want to see comprehensive plans and you will have more access to capitol when every finite detail is spelled out in an organized fashion. Another take away from Doe Deere’s success is to find a motto or way to make the company personally meaningful to it’s consumers. Plan your costs, keep track of expenses, and maintain focus of your long term goal to help turn your business idea into a reality like Doe Deere. Learn more:

Waiakea Takes Pride In The Hawaiian Spirit Of Protecting The Land

Waiakea water earned an award from CarbonNeutral certification in September 2012 for its efforts in maintaining the ecosystem’s balance in Hawaii. Waiakea has a longstanding experience of working with Ecometrica and CarbonNeutral to establish the perfect scheme for preserving the natural environment. Waiakea’s role in the plan was to clean the emissions from their water production process. They also outlined a realistic reforestation program that that adds to the overall reduction of Carbon Dioxide. Waiakea proved its consistency in the movement by adhering to the CarbonNeutral Protocol, which is the strictest environmental maintenance standard in the world.

Waiakea’s environmentally friendly motto does not stop with their engagements with CarbonNeutral or Hawaii. The firm uses a 100 percent RPET–fully known as the recycled polyethene terephthalate–to process its bottles. The packaging is highly consumer friendly and uses only 15 percent of energy to manufacture. The production takes up only ten percent of water and the overall emission of Carbon reduces by more than ninety percent. The material is free of any BPA hence is safe for clients to drink from. The next manufacturing project by Waiakea set to adhere to the environmental maintenance principal is the production of bio-polymers that can be recycled fully. The materials used will be biodegradable hence will go a long way in ending the climate of the future.

Waiakea sources its waters from the natural springs in Hawaii. The water is tested to be rich in natural occurring minerals that occur due to volcanic processes of the spring’s mountain source. It has a natural sweet taste and is proven to reduce the effects of some chronic body illnesses with the available minerals. Waiakea is based in Hawaii and takes pride in the locality’s culture. They share the common perception of Hawaiians that they are children of the land and work towards protecting it. Hawaiians motto about the land is malama I ka aina, meaning to respect and care for the land.

Waiakea has a strong stand on the symbiotic relationships between society and the environment. They appreciate the land for its role in providing people with every life necessity such as clothing, housing, food, musical instruments and tools. It is a tribute to nurture the land as it is the life source of humanity.

Todd Lubar Discusses What the Influx Of Young Professionals Means For Baltimore Real Estate

An individual needs to be very in touch with a city if they hope to understand what real estate would make a good investment and what real estate would make a poor investment. Businessman Todd Lubar has been working in the real estate industry surrounding Baltimore for years, and can see how things are moving and shifting.

He explains that while it might seem at first that Baltimore’s population is going down, a trend in working professionals is increasing and will lead to positive changes down the road. Some of those positive changes, in fact, have already been realized.

Young professionals move to Baltimore for several reasons, and the trend is a good one. This demographic has discretionary income, which leads to a real estate opportunity of businesses that offer luxury shopping and hip dining options. Since young professionals often do not yet have families, the need for refurbished apartment buildings has gone up.

Baltimore is also working to increase transportation options so that working individuals do not have to struggle with parking limitations once they are in downtown Baltimore. Excellent public transportation options ultimately draw more buyers to a city. Lubar also added that because of recent trends in the economy, many millennial have received raises or come into employment when up until now they may have been unemployed, reveals This means that the millennials turning to Baltimore for housing are more well off than they were in previous years, and Lubar expects the trend to continue.

Lubar is an investor and business man who currently functions as the CEO of TDL Global Ventures. He also serves as Vice President for the company Legendary Investments. He has a strong foundation in sales, and this helps him in negotiations and business decisions.

He worked in the mortgage business before moving more fully into real estate investing, so he knows what a person who wishes to buy real estate is going through. As a real estate investor, he uses his understanding of the housing market, mortgage industry, and sales to help people realize their dreams of home ownership. Because he saw the many barriers that potential buyers face, he uses his experience to help people overcome those barriers.