A Dedicated Talent Network At Sussex Health Care

For a dedicated, loving and caring person, Sussex Health Care would be a perfect place to serve. They are a renowned group of care homes offering services in providing care to the elderly, and treating various neurological as well as mental conditions. Located in the South East of England in the county of Sussex,

Sussex Healthcare has been in operation for over twenty five years, gaining recognition and fame for their uniqueness in operation and services. They are known to offer high quality services owing to their highly qualified nursing teams. Other benefits that their workers enjoy include pension, accommodation, unique uniforms, in house training in various fields, meals and free transport among others.

They currently have open positions in departments like housekeeping and administration. They range from positions in driving, care assistants, domestic assistant, laundry assistant, kitchen assistant, housekeeper, dental receptionist, mental health nurse among others in the healthcare department. In accountancy, they have positions in account assistants as well as payroll supervisors. To find these and many more openings, refer to https://sussexhealthcare.jobs.net/.

Sussex Healthcare takes pride in the unique set of services they offer. In caring for the elderly, they employ special activities like cookery, quizzes, reminiscence sessions, art therapy, music and movement and handicrafts to stimulate physical, emotional, social as well as intellectual capacities of the patients. To further support patients’ well being, they use experts to offer a diverse range of therapies. They also offer treatment for conditions like dementia, where they use various techniques to help patients remember by use of memory boxes. For patients with neurological problems, Sussex Healthcare provides therapies and works closely with consultants specialists like The Royal Hospital for Neurological Disorders and The National Hospital for Neurology. They also offer physiotherapy and hydrotherapy in treating neurological disorders. They also offer help to those dealing with learning and/or physical disabilities by using special equipment, facilities and very good staff.

Sussex Healthcare recently appointed as Chief Executive Officer Amanda Morgan-Taylor who has over 30 years experience as a mental health nurse. She joins a highly dedicated team composed of Dr. Shafik Sachedina, a Joint Chairman alongside Mr. Shiraz Boghani.

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Betsy DeVos: Understanding the Current Educational Landscape

There are many options out there when it comes to your children’s education. The problem is, that most parents are unaware that they have a say in this aspect of their children’s lives. Years ago it may have been considered radical to suggest that parents look for other options instead of automatically enrolling their children in the public school that services their district. Today, however, there are increasingly more parents looking for options that will allow them to play a bigger role in this decision. Individuals like the current Secretary of Education Betsy DeVos have been champions for this cause for many years. DeVos was on the front lines for parents and school choice long before it was considered a viable option. She dealt with plenty of negative feedback because her opinions challenged the status quo, but now people are starting to understand that she saw a different kind of future for America’s children.


According to an interview with Philanthropy Roundtable, DeVos believes that the situation with the American school system has come to a head. Parents have reached a point with their children’s education where they can no longer ignore the fact that it is wholly inadequate. Children are simply not receiving the standard of education present in many other developing countries. America’s youth are falling behind the rest of the world and DeVos wants to bridge the gap between the United States and the rest of the world before it gets too big. While some still consider her ideas to be radical, she is looking at the impact that ignoring this problem will have on the future. Parents, staff, and the government cannot continue to allow this to happen.


DeVos understands that many parents do not have the resources available to send their children to charter schools or private schools. From the time she raised to school age children herself, she has been supporting other parents that struggle to give their children a better educational future. While acting on the Board of Education for Michigan State, DeVos funneled more resources into multiple scholarship programs, voucher initiatives, and other financial resources that would help families of lower socioeconomic status. She has always believed that school choice should be available to all parents, it is not simply something that should be available to people that can afford a private education.


An alternative to some of these more expensive options is allowing parents to opt into homeschooling their own children or enrolling them in a virtual education system. This would still allow parents to control the educational standards that their children are taught by, but it would also help save them money overall. Their children will receive a quality education, sometimes at a lower price than it would cost to send them to a public school. DeVos knows that the holes that are present in the current education system are not going to be patched overnight. She is prepared to do a lot of hard work to bring the system up to where it needs to be. Parents can play an active role in repairing that system by understanding the role they play in their children’s education.


Visit http://www.betsydevos.com/ to learn more.

End Citizens United Positive 2018 Outlook

End Citizens United is a political actions committee (PAC) looking to push out the worst members of Congress. The committee raises money to help fund the elections of more qualified candidates. The committee headquarters are located in Washington, D.C itself. Tiffany Muller is the President and Executive Director of End Citizens United.

This year, End Citizens United expects to raise around $35 million for election races. The committee is an original PAC meaning that it can only accept individual donations of less than $5000. This means the committee is relying on over 3 million individual donations. Recently, End Citizens United endorsed Senator Kirsten Gillibrand for the U.S. Senate. By endorsing one candidate, one current member of the Senate would need to be knocked out of office.

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This is where the committee’s Big Money 20 comes in. The Big Money 20 are members of Congress (House of Representatives or Senate) that the committee says are favoring special interests over their own constituents. These special interests include actions like taking big donations that helped to prevent reforms. Key members of the Big Money 20 include Senator Ted Cruz, Speaker of the House Paul Ryan, and Senator Dean Huller.

The overall mission of End Citizens United is to limit the untraceable spending by billionaires and special interest groups in U.S elections. The committee aims to fight back with grassroots funding and fix the problem of big money in politics. The most recent committee action was to endorse Dr. Hiral Tipirneni running for an open seat in Arizona vacated by former Congressman Trent Franks. Tipirneni is rejecting all corporate PAC money in her campaign making her a perfect candidate for End Citizens United to endorse. Tipirneni is a highly educated candidate as an emergency room technician which also helps her case for being put in a position of power. Electing seats with candidates such as Tipirneni are how the committee will reach its goals.

The Family First Businessman – Ronald Fowlkes

Ronald Fowlkes is an interesting personality. He has vast knowledge about First Gear products and is an essential part of why the company has achieved monumental success in providing high-end gears for armed officers.


He first earned his stripes as a marine where he encountered the First Gear equipment and quickly fell in love with them. Upon encountering the same equipment later on in his life, he took a keen interest in them. The result is his current position as the Director of Business Development.


Ronald was so awed by the product and its success in the market that he decided to take up a stake in the company as a co-owner. He admires the company so much that he labels them as the Ferrari of the tactical world.


The company has made a point of ensuring that it has patented its products in order to stifle the competition and make sure they are always an edge above the competition. He will be the first to point out the fact that they have managed to lower the weight on some of the First Gear products by up to 40%. This is a certain marked improvement and points at as being a sure fire way to attract more clients.


He is charged with promoting the products they sell but will tell anyone listening just how much the products sell like hotcakes. Reason? The answer is simple, referrals. Word of mouth is the best piece of advertising in his current world and the best way they have been able to make inroads in the tactical gear world.


As a father of 3 kids, he wakes up early each morning and makes sure his kids are able to get to school before heading straight to work. He’s come to appreciate his team as the greatest asset he has at his disposal. By always keeping an open mind, he is a sponge that absorbs all pertinent information that falls on his lap. He does this all in a bid to improve the company’s standing in the market.


Other than work, Ronnie coaches the local youth Hockey team. He believes that Hockey is the best sport known to man due to the various tenets of play that the game favors. These are things like agility, speed and teamwork. Things he believes in himself.


Obsidian Energy: Environmentally Responsible Practices

Obsidian Energy: Environmentally Responsible Practices

Heavy oil reserves in Alberta, Canada contain about 100 billion barrels of bitumen. This is equivalent to 70.8% of the total natural bitumen reserves in the world existing in this region. Obsidian Energy is deeply concerned about how their operations and methods of obtaining these valuable natural resources will impact the surrounding land, water and living organisms in the environment. They have developed programs and using measures that will minimize this impact and reduce their carbon footprint.

Obsidian Energy is one of the largest producer of natural gas and oil in Canada. Obsidian Energy is an environmentally responsible corporation that has tapped into this precious resource using technologically advanced methods such as Cold Heavy Oil Production process.

Obsidian Energy produces their crude oil products using innovative methods that are effective, efficient and safe for the environment. An example of the use of cold flow production is evident in the Peace River Operated Partnership project. The Peace River Partnership is a joint project between Obsidian Energy and China Investment Corporation. They are currently working together to extract heavy crude oil from the oil sands in Peace River.

The oil sands or tar sands are a type of petroleum deposit found within sandstone or loose sands that are saturated with bitumen. Bitumen, more commonly known as tar, that is an extremely thick and dense form of petroleum. Because of its viscosity or thickness, it cannot be recovered at a fast-enough rate through conventional oil wells. Go Here for related Information.

Peace River is the largest river in Alberta, Canada and river flows through the oil sands which are located within the Peace River watershed. The Peace River oil sands contain close to 200 billion barrels of bitumen that lie 1,600 to 2,300 feet deep. Because the bitumen deposit is so deep, the Cold Heavy Oil Production process with Sand (CHOPS) is employed.


Learn More: https://www.bloomberg.com/quote/OBE:CN


The Legacy of Jose Hawilla

José Hawilla was a great journalist and is currently an entrepreneur and the owner of Traffic, which is Brazil’s number one sports marketing company, which has grown so far as to have brokered Nike’s sponsorship contract with the Brazilian national team. Check out quora.com

Jose Hawilla, speaking of the will to win, stated “It’s not to wait for the opportunity to show up. Sometimes it even shows up, but you have to look for opportunities in life.” The young man has to feel like growing up.” I like to pass this on to young people, public, “he says. He used to say that he had to face the mistrust and skeptical eyes of those who did not understand how anyone could make money in football. But today, he is one of the most influential men in Brazil, who is also the owner of Rede Globo affiliates and a powerful network of newspapers in the interior of São Paulo, Rede Bom Dia, which controls Bom Dia Jundiaí, Bom Dia Bauru, Good Morning Rio Preto, Good Morning Fernandópolis, Good Morning Marília and Good Morning Catanduva. Check out educacaofisica for more info.

October 15, 2009, Hawilla announced the purchase of the Diário de São Paulo newspaper, the old Diário Popular, founded in 1884 and acquired in 2001 by Infoglobo when it was renamed Diário de São Paulo. He has worked in major television networks in Brazil such as Rede Globo, Radio and TV Bandeirantes and Rede Record, and has also participated in numerous TV coverage events of major sporting events in the world such as Formula 1, Olympics and World Cup events. A passionate fan of America in Rio Preto and Palmeiras, he is married and father of three children. José Hawilla was born 11 July 1943 and is a Brazilian businessman. Hawilla was born in São José de Rio Preto, in the state of São Paulo,

Read more: https://medium.com/@josehawilla

Gregory Aziz: National Steel Car’s CEO

There are many companies in Canada that have had a highly prominent history. One company that is steeped in history is National Steel Car. The company is based in Hamilton, Ontario. It was founded in 1912 by six local businessmen that wanted to become a producer of steel railway cars. The founders’ goal was to make Canada one of the largest producers of rail freight cars.


The company reached that goal in 1994 when Gregory J. Aziz successfully oversaw the purchase of National Steel Car back from the company’s previous owner. The sale was a major deal. It not only restored National Steel Car back to its former owner, but it officially made the Canadian-based company the largest manufacturer and engineering company of railcars in all of North America. This was a massive milestone for the company and brought it to global prominence.

James Aziz first came to National Steel Car from a background in investment banking. The company was so pleased with the success of the sale of the company back from the previous owner that they began courting Greg Aziz to leave his position in investment banking and move back to Canada to take on a leadership role with National Steel Car. Greg Aziz debated for a while before ultimately deciding to accept the offer and take on the leadership role with National Steel Car.

Prior to working in investment banking, Greg Aziz had a business development position with his family’s company. The company, called Affiliated Foods, saw massive expansion under Greg’s leadership and business development skills. When he first joined his family’s business the company was operating regionally within the borders of Canada. However, he worked hard to expand the business over his more than fifteen years there. By the time he left the company to join the world of investment banking, Affiliated Foods was operating on a global scale. The company was distributing all over the world, including America, South America, Central America, Europe and, of course, in Canada. This growth was a testament to the leadership skills of James Aziz as well as his skills in growing a business.


Greg Aziz is known by those he has worked with as an excellent leader and a true innovator in the world of railway freight development. The company also has a large engineering sector that prides itself on developing the latest and greatest steel cars on the market today.   Go To This Page for additional information.

Changing with the Times: National Steel Car and Gregory Aziz

Manufacturing has always been an industry that is subject to economic change and customer preferences. If you own a company that has customers with changing preferences, you have to change with the times at a risk of going obsolete. However, some companies are so entrenched in their traditions and need for capital that they refuse to change. Eventually, these companies die unless they are able to find new leadership that can bring them back to the right course. For National Steel Car, Gregory James Aziz was this source of leadership.


National Steel Car was founded in the early 20th century at the height of the railroad industry in North America. This company had gone through the ups and downs of the Great Depression and several other economic collapses, but the true change came with trucking companies started to offer more convenient shipping packages and direct ship solutions. The best railroads could do was deliver all goods to a single point and then take care of logistics from there. While still the cheaper and more environmentally friendly option, railroads started to fall by the wayside, and the companies that supplied railroads with rolling stock like National Steel Car started to fail as well.


When this happened, National Steel Car’s leadership decided they would change their model from quality-based to a low-cost. However, railroads needed better and better railcars during this collapse, since regulating agencies were also finding safety issues and hazards with modern rail transportation. This only compounded the issues that railroads and their suppliers were facing. Nobody was willing to bite the bullet and sink more capital into a failing company, so National Steel Car started to collapse. In 1994, Gregory J. Aziz came and purchased NSC with the hopes of turning it around. Go Here for related Information.


Greg Aziz had worked in several different industries bringing companies back and reviving them to their former glory. With National Steel Car, Greg Aziz knew right away that they would have to change their structure to abide by customer preferences. Railroads wanted high-quality cars, so Aziz would give these cars to them. He hired more engineers and made engineering and high-quality designs the focus of the company. He spent millions on new equipment and machinery to deliver on these quality promises. He even hired an additional 2,000 workers to deal with the increase in production.


When all was said and done National Steel Car had been brought out of its slump and was now delivering to more customers than ever. Thanks to Greg Aziz, NSC was brought back from the dead and is earning quality awards every year. Because of Gregory James Aziz, National Steel Car was able to change with the times and give the customers what they wanted. ISO have recognized the growth of the company awarding it the ISO 9001:2008 certification and received TTX SECO award for quality, for over a decade.


See: http://gregaziz.ca/

Madison Street Capital Wins at the 16th Annual M&A Advisor Awards

The 16th annual M&A Advisor Awards announced Madison Street Capital the winner of the 2017 Debt Financing Deal of the Year award, for excellence in advising on the transaction for WLR Automotive.


“It gives us great pleasure to recognize Madison Street Capital and bestow upon them our highest honor for M&A firms and professionals,” said David Fergusson, Co-CEO and President of The M&A Advisor.


“We are honored to be the recipients of an M&A Advisor Award this year in the debt financing category,” said Charles Botchway, Madison Street Capital’s CEO. “I would like to congratulate WLR Automotive and our lead on the transaction, Senior Managing Director Barry Petersen.”


The ceremony was held November 13, 2017, at the Metropolitan Club in New York City. An independent panel of judges, consisting of 29 of the top M&A industry experts, evaluated the nominees. Madison Street Capital bested over 650 companies to receive the award. Madison Street Capital was also a finalist for both the Boutique Investment Banking Firm of the Year award and the Financials Deal of the Year (under 250MM category) award.


For a complete list of the 16th Annual M&A Advisor Awards winners, click here. For a list of the judges at the event, click here.


The M&A Advisor Awards, celebrated since 2001, honors the achievements of top M&A dealmakers, firms, and professionals in the industry. The firm is recognized as the world’s premier leadership organization for mergers and acquisition, turnaround and finance professionals. www.maadvisor.com


Madison Street Capital is an international investment banking firm and leading provider of mergers and acquisitions (M&A) advisory, corporate financial advisory, financial opinions, and valuation services to publicly and privately held businesses. With offices in North America, Africa, and Asia, the firm prides itself on providing the knowledge, experience, and extensive relationships to help clients succeed in the global marketplace. With an unwavering dedication to the highest levels of professional standards, Madison Street Capital has earned the trust of clients around the world. www.madisonstreetcapital.com.

How To Be In Two Places At One Time Use Live Meetings

Talk Fusion is Born

Bob Reina is a former police officer on the West Coast of Florida and a hard-working, natural salesperson. Reina labored through many sales and marketing ventures before he came up against a problem one evening that would lead him to start Talk Fusion (TF).

Currently, Talk Fusion is the number one, direct selling company in the world—according to Alexa Ratings.

A Problem is Solved

The night Reina attempted to use his phone to send a short video of his new home to a friend—and discovered it was not possible—TF was conceived.

Now, more than 100 Multi-Level Marketing (MLM) companies are Talk Fusion customers, marketing their prodigious video product solutions person to person (P2P) in more than 140 countries—including India.

TF Changing Lives

Talk Fusion, positioned to change lives around the world individually and in the global marketplace, has brought us to the brink of video emailing instead of the traditional platform. They are always looking for ways to “make marketing more effective and engaging through the use of their Video Emails, Video Newsletters, Live Meetings (video conferencing), Sign-up Forms (lead capture), and Video Chat – through which users connect face-to-face from any device to every device.”

When you consider that Reina has an indomitable, pioneering spirit, it is no surprise that with all of the proven products already offered by Talk Fusion, the newest, improved edition of Live Meetings is currently on the market.

Out With the Old—In With the New

Albeit, meetings conducted on the internet have been around for a while now; however, the technology requires plugins for browsers in order to facilitate a seamless accomplishment. Regardless—distracting echoes and voice alterations can sometimes garble the audio, making it difficult for attendees to focus.

Live Meetings, fundamentally changes the way we view our browsers because it literally enables live meetings between participants through the browser’s implementation of Web real-time communication (WebRTC).

WebRTC is a secure and exciting new technology, enjoying widespread acceptance for its capabilities by enabling real-time voice, video, instant messaging, and data competencies through JavaScript APIs (application programming interfaces).

How it Works

The technology works from within web browsers such as Google Chrome, Mozilla Firefox, and Opera–all of which are fully compatible.

It is interesting to note that the Talk Fusion’s, Video Suite Product also benefits from WebRTC technology and “won them an important Technology Marketing Corporation award in 2016, along with a separate annual award for the best software providing communications solutions.”

Instantly, you enter a Live Meetings confluence of up to 15 hosts and 500 participants, and you find yourself in a “live meeting, with sharp video and real-time clear audio. Technology, in the past, has sometimes been difficult to adopt at the beginning, but Live Meetings is an exception because is designed to improve the user experience as a whole.

Furthermore, no other company like Talk Fusion facilitates WebRTC-based conferences with up to 500 attendees. In addition, TF uniquely on the cutting-edge of technology developments—relentlessly pursues excellent quality and reliability in everything they develop.

Bob Reina and His Talk Fusion

It has become obvious that Bob Reina and Talk Fusion (TF) have already made their mark on the planet, as they go about revolutionizing the ways in which we live our lives, the ways in which we do business, and the ways in which we market our own products and services.

You can also look for Mr. Reina and his Talk Fusion in such philanthropic endeavors as contributions to many nonprofits, an orphanage in Indonesia, and company associates have permission to give free Video Suite software to their favorite charities.

Moreover, having been a law enforcement officer, Reina knows and understands the importance of canine law enforcement–which has led him to support the Tampa Bay Humane Society. Learn more: