OSI Industries Increases its Presence in North America by Acquiring Tyson Foods Plant

OSI Industries is currently engaged in an expansion strategy both locally and internationally. The company has accumulated sufficient funds which it is willing to spend on purchasing other organizations that operate in the food industry. One of the expansion strategies is specifically designed to expand the operations of the Chicago plant. This is where the company was started and therefore, it will be essential to develop the activities in this region before committing funds to move to others parts of the world.

To expand its operations in Chicago, OSI Industries have decided to commit its resources in acquiring Tyson Foods. This is one of the largest food manufacturing plant in this region. Purchasing the plant will give the entity an opportunity to expand and supply food products in the North American area, where the company has remained to be the market leader. It is common knowledge that Tyson Foods had one of the largest plants in this region, which means that the company will be getting a tremendous platform to expand its operations. Check this articles at bizjournals.com to learn more.

Tyson Foods plant is said to be more than two hundred thousand in square feet. This is a sufficient space that any organization, even those with the most significant machines and equipment would like to have. OSI Industries, therefore, has a large area where it can execute its expansion strategies and serve the increasing number of customers. The North American region has proved to be one of the most reliable markets as this region does not have many food manufacturing companies as compared to other areas of the United States.

According to the company’s spokesperson, acquisition of Tyson Foods is one of the most critical expansions undertaking that the company has undertaken in recent times. The facility will provide a platform where the entity can increase its production capacity and produce more food products than it has been producing with a small plant.

OSI Industries have dedicated the Tyson Foods plant as a place where the company will expand its poultry production. There has been an increase in demand for poultry products in the North American region, and a new facility will help the company to meet the increasing demand. The facility can also be used in processing other food products.

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