OSI Group Conglomerate

OSI Group is a family-owned enterprise whose duty is to provide food, especially beef, to food sales outlet around the world. It is one of the largest private businesses. With about 20,000 staff, it is posed towards satisfying its customers anywhere in the globe by providing quality products and services. Forbes rated it as the 58th largest private company in the world in 2016. This food industry was founded by Otto Kolschowsky on 1909 in the United States, and it’s being led by Sheldon Lavin, a former bank administrator. OSI Group has been tested and trusted for quality food production and food security. Its modus operandi is such that it allows innovative novel technologies; regulates her animals’ well being, and control access to facilities to avoid risk.

In this food industry, safety comes first; thus making the employees to receive quality production coaching. OSI Group has the vision of creating its client’s specialties like snacks, seafood, pizza and many more. Not only does this company produce food products, but they also help in processing food products like beef, poultry, pork, fried foods, sandwich, pizza and baked snacks. The OSI Group has come a long way; first from a butcher shop in the city of Chicago and now have 67 facilities in 17 nations. As a result of its outstanding efforts in the food industry, the company has been honored with different reputable accolades like the California Green Business Award, the British Safety Council’s Globe of Honor, Global Visionary Award, and the North American Institute’s Environmental Award. Besides, it expanded her territory to different parts of the world, thereby striking a deal with other food companies in providing better food production to its client.

OSI Group is different from its competitors because it provides stock improvement solutions with its well-experienced workers. It also has an active team which helps to pursue its goal and sells its products; a system that meets the demands of customers anywhere in the world; converts ideas of food products into actual food and open to different ways that convey her products with terrific value.