Organo Gold and its Social Media Presentation

What is their page like?

Immediately upon opening their Facebook page, a searcher is greeted by a bright profile banner with smiling people appearing to have a very fun time. The word celebrate can be seen in all caps, as well as many different languages as it pans its celebratory word. But what is to be celebrated about a company such as Organo Gold? A look into their About section can help to answer that question. It could be more complicated than merely the fact that they have been around for the last ten years and celebrating their tenth birthday as of this year. Read more at about Organo Gold.

Their History

Their Facebook page also introduces their personalized story along the side by immediately opening up the page, under the banner of the smiling faces at the top and under a picture of a captivating close-up of what appear to be mushrooms. Organo Gold was founded in 2008 and provides a large variety of hot beverages and more personalized items to its country of origin, Canada, and even the entirety of the United States. These products fit a more active lifestyle for people who spend their life exercising, and these products help them to do so by offering great healthier alternatives than to other products that may exist out there.


Overview and Conclusion

Organo Gold has an interesting and engaging Facebook page that allows people who are interested in the company to find out and read more about their products and history without having to do an extensive google search for not so reliable information. Their posts reflect what they are as a company, showing videos of their products and making posts in which customers can engage with the company. They are also very responsive in their messages that they receive through the page, a rare sight for many of the companies that run social media platforms. In all, Organo Gold provides a steadily engaging persona to their customers as well as having a very engaging Facebook page that was enjoyable to view. Follow Organo Gold on