Nick Vertucci, Inspiring Through the pen

Nick Vertucci is a well-known businessman in the real estate industry. Many people know him as the founder and Chief Executive Officer of Nick Vertucci Real Estate Academy, a company that helps people through offering high-quality training in real estate business. Nick himself is a full-time investor in real estate. He is a specialist in the purchase of bank-owned houses. Through the NV Academies and own experience, Nick has done a great job in helping fellow investors in purchasing, renovating, and renting of houses.

Nick Vertucci is one of the few investors, who have achieved success in business through a rough road. Before engaging in real estate development, he had founded Coastline Micro, a computer accessories company. The company experienced tremendous growth until the dotcom bubble swept it out of business in the early 2000s. The collapsed of the company heralded a difficult time for Nick. He lost his house and all means of livelihood.

Nick has, however, lived to prove that resilience is all a person needs to survive in the turbulent business world. He has lived to build his fortune once more. His journey as a broke person and a rich one has inspired many. He is passionate about sharing his enduring life story to those who aspire to be successful in life. He does not hold anything back. Through the story of his life, he has inspired many successful investors.

In April this year, Nick launched his book entitled, ‘Seven Figure Decisions: Having the Balls to Succeed. ‘The book is a motivational story for those are always afraid of failure. Through the book, Nick explains the ups and downs he has passed through in life. He outlines his down times in business, his high times and, the risks he undertook to make his life turn around. He provides the readers with the right practices in business, the appropriate mindset and, the catalysts that one should rely on to succeed in life.

In his book, Nick Vertucci outlines seven basic steps to success. Even though these steps may seem light on the surface, they behold a deep inspiration and motivation that Nick sets out to advance in his teachings. the lessons he teaches are based on his real-life experiences; the mistakes, the assumptions, failures, depression, self-realization and, the eventual path to self-rejuvenation. It is this mindset that enabled him to turn his life around toward a success trajectory. The book takes the leader deep into the mindset that every leader can apply, and get the desired success.

The book further outlines mental stamina as a key pillar to success. The mental ability to endure depressing experiences, overcome the fears and feelings of self-doubt is a valuable asset to success. Self-belief should be an unbreakable spear in times of despair.