Jeremy Goldstein Gives Knockout Advice

Jerry Goldstein offers good advice on how employers can be helped for knockout options.


Over the last few years, a number of corporations are no longer giving stock options to employees. While some stop for financial reasons, others do so for more complex reasons. The three reasons why companies stop benefits:


  1. If the value of the stock drops significantly, it could make it much harder for employees to utilize their options. Regardless, businesses are still required to report associated expenses, and option overhang is a risk of stockholders.


  1. This type of compensation has become the source of worry of many employers. If the economy goes in the tank, the stocks could be rendered worthless.


  1. The options could cause accounting problems. The financial advantage of the derivatives could prove less valuable.


There are also advantages. This compensation could be better than equities and insurance coverage because the stock options are easier for staff members to understand. Additionally, personal earnings are boosted if the company stock rises. When companies offer compensation packages for top executives, some IRS rules can make it harder for companies to supply employee equities.


The best solution is to embrace the “knockout” option. The knockout option can reduce accounting costs if the company stock is volatile. The knockout solution gives the employee incentive. While this option doesn’t solve all of the problems, it can help avoid a number of stock options. It is imperative that officials supply the appropriate communications to auditors, so that can in turn the information be given to employees regarding these options.


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