Jeff Herman On Balancing Business And Law

Restoring dignity to humanity and specifically to victims forms the basis of law. Different occurrences influence different career paths, but for Jeff Herman, it was more of the restoration of human aspects to the sexual assault victims. Various law firms have a different niche but for his law firm is more determined on finding justice to the sexual victim. It is a challenging law niche, and he admits that it requires more than just a law background but also a passion for truth and compassion to the sex crime victims.


The journey started from a single case where he was representing a child against a school. The whole proceeding changed Jeff Herman’s perception and the need for proper and determined advocates in this area. According to Jeff Herman, presenting sex assault victim involves more than winning the cases but more fundamental, restoring the humanity trust to the victim. This reality therefore, according to Jeff Herman requires intensive research. The research aspect involves all the cases, whether pro bono or the regularly paid cases.


Apart from winning cases, the next important aspect of the existence of a law firm is clients. Fortunately, for Jeff Herman, referrals have been able to maintain the consistency of the Herman Law. He argues that as much as clients want to win the cases, they also want a law firm they can feel safe and comfortable. Herman Law has been a home for many victims, and this factor has sometimes made the law firm choosy on the type of cases to pick.

The legal world is fast changing just like other areas of politics and economy.


Jeff Herman understands this, and although it might work against some law firms, Jeff’s dedication to more research on every single case is evident. According to him, research is king in any legal proceeding. The manner in which the information is organized affects the overall persuasion. To have a better understanding of people and situation, he is fond of reading publications that help him to understand clearly the human behavior. When cases are based on information and objective analysis, winning is unavoidable. See This Page for more information.



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