Jed McCaleb Founded Stellar to Try and Make a Real Difference In People’s Lives

When Bitcoin first came on the currency scene in 2009 it set off a revolution that has the potential to change the way the world thinks about currency and seriously shakes up the establishment financial institutions. Jed McCaleb is one of the early pioneers in the cryptocurrency field and was one of the first people to recognize the huge potential of bitcoin. The market now has numerous different cryptocurrencies with more coming into existence all the time. Some of the other major currencies out there today include b-money, e-cash and Digicash.

Cryptocurrencies like bitcoin stand to help connect the world financially in a way that it never has been before and have massive potential for people in underdeveloped countries. Jed McCaleb created Stellar in 2014 with the idea that it could provide its customers with a large range of different options that would be beneficial for rich people and poor people alike. Jed McCaleb is the co-founder of the Stellar Fund and also serves as the operations Chief Technology Officer. One of the primary objectives of the fund is to provide people who would otherwise have no access to banking with alternative options in the cryptocurrency area.

Jed McCaleb’s innovative way of thinking about finance and banking institutions led him to the realization that the current banking system crippled individuals with numerous restrictions that were not fair. His realization that the financial institutions of the world were broken and left a huge number of people without options and resources was really the genesis of the idea for Stellar. Jed McCaleb knew he could do something that was better than what had always been done in the past. Speaking candidly with IdeaMensch in 2016, Jed McCaleb revealed that there are currently as many as 2.5 billion individuals across the world that have no access to proper financial institutions. This is where Stellar comes in. The company’s mission is the drastically improve the amount of accessibility to financial institutions for these 2.5 billion individuals that currently lack access. To accomplish this goal, Jed McCaleb has often emphasized that he spends a large amount of his time simply working with the most intelligent and innovative humans in the world today and the future is truly looking bright.

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