JD.com Donations Program


JD.com or Jingdong Mall is the largest Retail E-commerce Business in China. It was founded in 2004, by Richard Liu Quiangdong who is the Chairperson. The company has a net of more than US$60 billion and more than one billion assets to choose from which are in different types including electronics, consumer goods, and fashion. All the products are of high-quality to ensure that their clients get nothing but the best.

There are more than 167,000 employees entrusted to serve customers with the best standard services without being biased. Jingdong Mall serves both online and offline sectors to ensure that all the needs of the clients are addressed at the individual level. Each day JD.com management team is devoted to establishing new solutions to serve all JD.com fraternity efficiently.

Recently the CSR produced a report explaining how Jingdong has adhered to promote innovations, sustainability as well as empowering all its operations. Jingdong has adopted advanced technology to ensure that all its products follow the safety measures strictly before being released to the market. Starting from creation of the product to the delivery process JD.com has put in place policies to govern all the procedures to ensure there is no contamination and creates a positive impact on the community and the whole world.

The company has established various projects including “Green Stream Initiative” which is a recycling program to reduce environmental pollution as well as to provide healthy lifestyle among other people. The company is in the front line to give back to the society. There are set programs for receiving donations and ensuring that they reach the intended recipient. The Giving program speeds the delivery process to avoid contaminations; the company has also establishing tracking devices to ensure that goods are monitored at each point. Through this program, more than 4 million donations have been collected for more than 600 charitable organizations. See This Article to learn more.

Such philanthropic acts have increased the transparency of JD.com among its shareholders, partners, and clients as they can know that the company is devoted to helping other members of society. JD.com has also purchased more than 5,000 energy vehicles that do not consume more fuel as compared to the fuel fleet vehicles.


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