JD.com Announces Its Participation In The Formation of The Urban Smart Logistics Institute


China’s JD.com has always been setting the pace in the realm of e-commerce through its innovative use of technology. For instance, despite being the first large-scale e-commerce firm to own a countrywide in-house logistics system, and also being the first e-commerce company to launch drone deliveries,

JD.com is once again setting the bars high through its participation in the formation of the Urban smart logistics institute.

Jingdong Mall announced the launch of this research center, during the annual world smart supply chain conference that was held in Beijing on 18th October. The company decided to take part in this venture after the results of a research conducted prior to the summit showed that freight vehicles are the main players when it comes to urban traffic emissions that are harmful to Mother Nature as they can take up to a third of the total road emissions. Through this institute, this will be reduced as it will come up with an efficient and also environmentally friendly framework for logistics in urban spaces.

To do so, the research center that is to be based in Xiongan will first come up with strategies that will enable companies to utilize underground logistics systems. However, it will ensure that these systems are not only effective in reducing the number of freight vehicles on the road, but also help maintain the aesthetic appearance of the ground space above. As the outcome, businesses will be capable to go about their normal logistics activities with little to no disruption to daily life. Visit This Page for related information.

The institution was established through the collective efforts of JD.com and other bodies such as Nankai University, Shanghai Maritime University and the Institute of comprehensive transportation at the national development and reform commission among many others.

Commenting on the matter, Jingdong’s chief executive officer, Zhenui Wang said that with the rapid and sophisticated development of Chinese cities, it is crucial to have sustainable urban development so as to ensure that the remaining space is utilized efficiently. He further added that it is an honor for the firm to be taking part in the establishment of the urban smart logistics institute, as it will help in achieving the highly need sustainability.


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