Jason Hope Enables Groundbreaking Anti-Aging Research

Entrepreneur Jason Hope is a businessman who believes in giving back to the community. Born and raised in Arizona, he studied finance at Arizona State University and obtained his MBA. Using this knowledge, he has become extremely successful as an entrepreneur. Dealing in futures and investing in successful business ventures have made him a respected member of the business community. This might explain why he is also a highly-paid consultant.

Jason Hope also invests his money in various philanthropic causes. In this way, a successful person can use their wealth to benefit society in all kinds of ways. For Mr. Hope, his philanthropic work is centered around the idea of investing in new technologies that work to improve human life. He especially enjoys investing in ideas that go against the grain of established thinking, as these can often be the most successful. For more information read about Jason Hope on Medium

For instance, in 2010 Jason Hope donated a staggering $500,000 to the SENS Research Foundation. This is a highly ambitious research project that intends not only to fight aging but possibly to reverse it as well. This fascinating project is more than just a concept. They have already shown that they can inhibit the buildup of glycation products within human tissue, which results in greater elasticity. As a person ages, some of their key tissues become hard and brittle. This is because they accumulate molecular bonds that eventually build up to an unsustainable level. The work done by the SENS foundation shows that this process can be reversed.

In a speech given after he made his contribution, Jason Hope expressed his view that the kind of research being conducted by the SENS foundation was essential to the advancement of medical science, and that it had the potential to reshape everything we thought we knew about healthcare. If this groundbreaking research is even half as successful as it promises to be, Mr. Hope’s prediction is very likely to prove correct.

It would not be surprising if, one day soon, we find that the boundaries of human life are much farther than we would ever have dreamed. Since aging is the one problem that is guaranteed to kill everyone sooner or later, we should all certainly hope so.

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