Jason Hope Donates In Support Of The SENS Research Foundation

Jason Hope is a futurist and that means that he is always looking at potentially game-changing innovations within his sector, that of the tech field. As a futurist with success under his belt in the entrepreneurial world, Hope has been in the unique position of being able to choose which industries he supports in order to help foster growth and create general enthusiasm. Hope has long believed that the process of aging is not a permanent one and that with the right technological innovations, namely scientific breakthroughs targeting aging at a cellular level, aging can be reversed. With that kind of context, it makes total sense that Jason Hope would jump on board with the work that the SENS Research Foundation is doing out in California.

The SENS Foundation is a non-profit organization headlined by the work of Dr. Aubrey De Grey and CEO Mike Kope. They co-founded the anti-aging clinic back in 2009 with the explicit goal of developing therapeutic resources that could impact age-related illnesses on a massive level. Their goal was simple to state but considered impossible to execute by many people in the industry. However, after more than a decade working with biotechnology in order to introduce life-changing results to the world, the SENS Foundation is becoming more and more important than ever. Jason Hope knew that he wanted to support their work and so he reached out to Dr. Aubrey De Grey.

Dr. Aubrey De Grey is one of the foremost names in the field of anti-aging research. After coming over to the United States by way of Europe, Dr. De Grey has put all of his energy in an attempt to foster change at the SENS Foundation that could impact lives forever. Jason Hope got on board with Dr. De Grey’s work and the two men hit it off almost immediately. As a result, Jason Hope signed off on $500,000 donation in order to support the work of the SENS Foundation. The donation will go a long way toward supporting the SENS Foundation’s work with biotechnology in order to approach finding cures for some of the most devastating age-related illnesses known to man.

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