How To Be In Two Places At One Time Use Live Meetings

Talk Fusion is Born

Bob Reina is a former police officer on the West Coast of Florida and a hard-working, natural salesperson. Reina labored through many sales and marketing ventures before he came up against a problem one evening that would lead him to start Talk Fusion (TF).

Currently, Talk Fusion is the number one, direct selling company in the world—according to Alexa Ratings.

A Problem is Solved

The night Reina attempted to use his phone to send a short video of his new home to a friend—and discovered it was not possible—TF was conceived.

Now, more than 100 Multi-Level Marketing (MLM) companies are Talk Fusion customers, marketing their prodigious video product solutions person to person (P2P) in more than 140 countries—including India.

TF Changing Lives

Talk Fusion, positioned to change lives around the world individually and in the global marketplace, has brought us to the brink of video emailing instead of the traditional platform. They are always looking for ways to “make marketing more effective and engaging through the use of their Video Emails, Video Newsletters, Live Meetings (video conferencing), Sign-up Forms (lead capture), and Video Chat – through which users connect face-to-face from any device to every device.”

When you consider that Reina has an indomitable, pioneering spirit, it is no surprise that with all of the proven products already offered by Talk Fusion, the newest, improved edition of Live Meetings is currently on the market.

Out With the Old—In With the New

Albeit, meetings conducted on the internet have been around for a while now; however, the technology requires plugins for browsers in order to facilitate a seamless accomplishment. Regardless—distracting echoes and voice alterations can sometimes garble the audio, making it difficult for attendees to focus.

Live Meetings, fundamentally changes the way we view our browsers because it literally enables live meetings between participants through the browser’s implementation of Web real-time communication (WebRTC).

WebRTC is a secure and exciting new technology, enjoying widespread acceptance for its capabilities by enabling real-time voice, video, instant messaging, and data competencies through JavaScript APIs (application programming interfaces).

How it Works

The technology works from within web browsers such as Google Chrome, Mozilla Firefox, and Opera–all of which are fully compatible.

It is interesting to note that the Talk Fusion’s, Video Suite Product also benefits from WebRTC technology and “won them an important Technology Marketing Corporation award in 2016, along with a separate annual award for the best software providing communications solutions.”

Instantly, you enter a Live Meetings confluence of up to 15 hosts and 500 participants, and you find yourself in a “live meeting, with sharp video and real-time clear audio. Technology, in the past, has sometimes been difficult to adopt at the beginning, but Live Meetings is an exception because is designed to improve the user experience as a whole.

Furthermore, no other company like Talk Fusion facilitates WebRTC-based conferences with up to 500 attendees. In addition, TF uniquely on the cutting-edge of technology developments—relentlessly pursues excellent quality and reliability in everything they develop.

Bob Reina and His Talk Fusion

It has become obvious that Bob Reina and Talk Fusion (TF) have already made their mark on the planet, as they go about revolutionizing the ways in which we live our lives, the ways in which we do business, and the ways in which we market our own products and services.

You can also look for Mr. Reina and his Talk Fusion in such philanthropic endeavors as contributions to many nonprofits, an orphanage in Indonesia, and company associates have permission to give free Video Suite software to their favorite charities.

Moreover, having been a law enforcement officer, Reina knows and understands the importance of canine law enforcement–which has led him to support the Tampa Bay Humane Society. Learn more: