Heather Russell Joins The Popular TransUnion Group

Heather Russell, Chief Executive Officer of TransUnion, will serve as their legal officer and work alongside TransUnion, Chief Executive Officer, Jim Peck. Russell comes from the law firm, Buckley Sandler, LLP as a legal analyst. She will be responsible for handling consumer solutions and legal advice for their corporation at TransUnion. She will also handle compliance, government, and other corporate legal issues. They’re proud to say, she has been a great addition to their strong team of executives. She has served with the TransUnion group for over 10+ years. Learn more about Heather Russell by visiting her professional LinkedIn account.

Who Is The TransUnion Group

TransUnion is dedicated to helping their clients make great business and financial decisions. They sit you down with sound advice to help you create a strategy to accomplish your goals. Russell will replace John Blenkle, who is set to retire. Her goal is to bring fresh ideas to their executive team and put their clients first. She is also available to give their clients financial advice to help them with their small or mid-size corporation. TransUnion currently operates in over 30 countries around the world. Heather Russell is also hoping to strengthen their international ties at TransUnion.

You’re invited to a free consultation to learn more about their financial and business advice services. In fact, their company bio at TransUnion will have more details on her professional background. Let TransUnion help you with your financial merger or business acquisition for stable financial advice. Become a part of the popular TransUnion Group today.

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