Guilherme Paulus Defied All Odds In Brazil To Achieve His Business Dream

If you ask the Brazilians, being an entrepreneur in Brazil is extremely difficult. But, it can also be quite rewarding if you overcome the obstacles faced. It’s a country known for high government taxes, an unstable bureaucracy and the lack of venture capital, it’s the worst nightmare for an entrepreneur’s business dreams.

Guilherme Paulus defied all odds and is a successful businessman. He had a sound business plan to make it through the negative factors working against him. He specializes in accommodations and tourism, from the very beginning he seized every opportunity that came in front of him. Guilherme Paulus had a plan which was all about listening to people, the government agencies and most importantly the demands of the customers. He believes that the best advice you can get is from listening to your elders, and that’s why he is where he is today.

He’s the leader of accommodations and tourism in Brazil now. Guilherme Paulus was born in Sao Paulo, Brazil in 1949. He studied Business Administration in university and the age of 20 started his internship at the International Business Machines Corporation (IBM.) In 1972, he met with a local government official Vicente Cerchiari who had an idea about more tourism to Brazil.

Mr. Paulus was very keen on the idea but didn’t have any capital at that time. Luckily, the government official offered him an investment deal. A new company under the name of CVC was established and it also goes by Operadora e Agencia de Viagens CVC Tour Ltda. Guilherme Paulus was responsible for handling the day to day operations of CVC. The first store was opened in Sao Paulo in late 1972 and their partnership carried on for 4 years until Mr.Cerchiari left.

Mr. Paulus’s vision of tourism was extraordinary. The first CVC store was opened near a cinema. The cinema attracted hundreds of movie enthusiasts every day. As the movies goers left the cinema with a new found passion for adventure and exploration, the placement of the store couldn’t have gone unnoticed by these movie lovers. CVC was the place where the movie goer’s passion for adventure could become a reality and ultimately led to a lot of visitors to the store. It was a success and CVC kept on opening stores across Brazil in retail markets that attracted a lot of foot visitors. Under Mr. Paulus’s leadership, CVC has become one of the largest tourism company with $5.2 billion in sales every year.

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