Gregory Aziz: National Steel Car’s CEO

There are many companies in Canada that have had a highly prominent history. One company that is steeped in history is National Steel Car. The company is based in Hamilton, Ontario. It was founded in 1912 by six local businessmen that wanted to become a producer of steel railway cars. The founders’ goal was to make Canada one of the largest producers of rail freight cars.


The company reached that goal in 1994 when Gregory J. Aziz successfully oversaw the purchase of National Steel Car back from the company’s previous owner. The sale was a major deal. It not only restored National Steel Car back to its former owner, but it officially made the Canadian-based company the largest manufacturer and engineering company of railcars in all of North America. This was a massive milestone for the company and brought it to global prominence.

James Aziz first came to National Steel Car from a background in investment banking. The company was so pleased with the success of the sale of the company back from the previous owner that they began courting Greg Aziz to leave his position in investment banking and move back to Canada to take on a leadership role with National Steel Car. Greg Aziz debated for a while before ultimately deciding to accept the offer and take on the leadership role with National Steel Car.

Prior to working in investment banking, Greg Aziz had a business development position with his family’s company. The company, called Affiliated Foods, saw massive expansion under Greg’s leadership and business development skills. When he first joined his family’s business the company was operating regionally within the borders of Canada. However, he worked hard to expand the business over his more than fifteen years there. By the time he left the company to join the world of investment banking, Affiliated Foods was operating on a global scale. The company was distributing all over the world, including America, South America, Central America, Europe and, of course, in Canada. This growth was a testament to the leadership skills of James Aziz as well as his skills in growing a business.


Greg Aziz is known by those he has worked with as an excellent leader and a true innovator in the world of railway freight development. The company also has a large engineering sector that prides itself on developing the latest and greatest steel cars on the market today.   Go To This Page for additional information.