Facts about the coveted Ashley Lightspeed partnership

Ashley Brasier had one goal in mind when starting the all-important Ashley Lightspeed relationship and that was to help startups grow thanks to uniquely crafted strategies. And it didn’t really take her long before making an impact since her career journey as well as personal talents did play an incredibly amazing role getting her to that point.

Ashley Brasier’s Career History

Before the Ashley Lightspeed partnership came about, Ashley had to work extra hard in order to supplement the talent that she already had at the time. As soon as she graduated from Duke and Copenhagen, Ashley Brasier got hired at Bain as their bona fide consultant. She stayed at Duke for a couple of years before moving to Thumbtack.

At Thumbtack, Ashley Brasier got the position as the category manager. Ashley loved the work since it was much more operational compared to the consultancy she did at Bain. But after a while, Ashley opted to leave for further studies at Stanford GSB. And it was then that she heard all about Lightspeed Venture Partners which later on became her next career home. To learn more about Ashley lightspeed visit on Crunchbase.

How Ashley’s Dad Helped Her Become Creative

It’s no secret that the reason why the Ashley Lightspeed partnership has been successful so far is that of creativity as well as dedication. As far as creativity is concerned, Ashley got it from her dad who was an architect and they used to do his prototyping together. And from that point onwards, being creative just became second to nature for her.

But that didn’t mean that Ashley wasn’t ever going to have to work. If anything, she chose to invest in her education so that she could learn the ropes of the game. And needless to say, it did take her going to almost three institutions and holding positions at the above-mentioned institutions before becoming who she is today.

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