Dan Bethelmy-Rada’s Ambition in The Production of Outstanding Natural Products

The continued demand for natural products worldwide led to the development of R.A.W. Dan Bethelmy-Rada once said that in order to satisfy the current day clients, one has to offer fully natural, sustainable and environmentally friendly products. With support from L’Oreal’s Sharing Beauty with All program, Matrix aims to offer a variety of products with unique ecological features in all aspects from formulation to production and packaging.

The components used are natural, effective and very eco-friendly. All products are acquired from quinoa husk, coriander and volcanic which are sustainable and definite supplies. Dan Bethelmy-Rada states that they avoid incorporating silicone, sulphates, and parabens. R.A.W uses eco-friendly principles in the formulation process being cautious of formulas’ life cycle to ensure minimum resources are used. The product ingredients are obtained from plants, minerals, seaweed, honey, and fungi. This ensures that the products are 98% biodegradable with 70% of the ingredients being natural. The bottles used to package shampoo and conditioner are made from recycled plastic.

According to Dan Bethelmy-Rada, they endeavor to ensure that the naturalness of the products is not affected regardless of the challenges encountered. They work in collaboration with Research & Innovation and Operations teams to verify and ascertain that formulation, Packaging and manufacturing fulfill the provided criteria by L’Oreal’s to meet the required capillary performance results principles. This had to be done in a cost-effective manner as it affects the product price.

Dan’s team worked within the available time to get the required resources to meet the target and launch the product. Instead of compromising on the product quality by using impure clay, Dan Bethelmy-Rada points out that they chose to push the launch ahead. It was not easy to create awareness on R.A.W values among the consumers. Therefore, R.A.W started a widespread program to enlighten the salon professionals to use sustainable practices. They successfully trained professionals from over 700 salons on effective use of water and power.

The LiveRaw campaign was effective in spreading information on sustainable living. The online feedback was positive with 90% positive reviews. The consumers recognized the quality of their products and gave positive feedback after using them. Dan Bethelmy-Rada points out the R..A.W’s goal to venture in the global market.