Clayton Hutson, the Audio Engineer’s Early Life, and Career experience

Clayton Hutson is the owner of a business that offers services for event organizers and musicians. Before starting his best career in Nashville, Clayton enrolled in various university courses in music and theater design. The experienced audio engineer found his employment at various firms in the live music sector, and he succeeded to become the best project manager.

After acquiring his skills, Clayton Hutson decided to establish a company that manages, controls, produces and designs concerts in the country. Most of Clayton’s work involves the famous rock music. Under his name, he has completed various managerial and technical tasks for famous performers such as Guns N’Roses, Kid Rock and Pink. Clayton took part in the famous 2005 world tour commonly known as the Bleed Like Me. Clayton recently took his time to provide answers to various questions about his life and the entire live music sector.

Where the Idea for Starting a Company Came From

Clayton said that he has a significant amount of experience within the entire industry of live entertainment, tour production and he has worked in this sector for many years before starting his own company.

Within each of his employment ventures, Clayton Hutson perfected the skills that allowed him to successfully navigate through all aspects of the live entertainment. So after the collapse of the company he was working for, he decided to make an informed decision at the right time. He was ready to face the challenges of having his production management firm.

Hutson said that he envisions several ideas for set design, lighting, and sound. He currently has a deep understanding of what will work and what will not. With these skills, Clayton Hutson implements this foundation knowledge to design and build upon the grander vision.

In converting his vision into reality, he does a lot of CAD design and his practical nature allows him to work out the kinks. The best advice that he gives to himself and other young entrepreneurs is to be brutally honest with himself and with others. You should put your family first before anything else, and it will be a good start.