An Insight on the American Institute of Architects

     Based in the United States, The American Institute of Architects (AIA) is a professional corporation which is comprised of architects. The main offices of the corporation are located in the Washington DC. The American Institute of Architects offers community redevelopment, government advocacy, public outreach and also education that offer support to the profession of architecture as well as enhancing its image publicly. The corporation works together with design members as well as the construction team when it comes to coordinating the building industry. The American Institute of Architects is now led by Robert Ivy who sits on the position of the corporation’s Executive Vice President and also Chief Executive Officer.

Thomas Vonier sits on the position of President at the American Institute of Architects. The corporation was established in the year 1857 with its main objective being to promote the perfection of all its members both practically and scientifically. The initial founders of The American Institute of Architects were a team of 13 architects who aimed at elevating the position of the architect profession. Some of the initial members of the AIA were Joseph C Wells, Fred A Petersen, Edward Gardiner, Charles Babcock, John Welch, Henry Dudley, Richard Morris Hunt and Leopold Eidlitz among others. The first president to serve in the American Institute of Architects was Richard Upjohn and he managed to steer the corporation in achieving a lot of success and growth.

As of now, the AIA has approximately 90,000 architects who are licensed and members who are associated professionals. The members of the American Institute of Architects are required to adhere to a strict code of ethics and a professional conduct that is meant to assure the public, colleagues as well as the clients of their dedication to the standards of the highest level in professional practice.

Robert Ivy can be described as warm, wise and also soft-spoken. He is however one of the most respected and established architects in the United States. Through his expertise, experience and hard work, he has led the AIA to achieve tremendous growth and success. The professional focus of Ivy is mainly in the industries of construction, design and building. An architect himself, Robert Ivy urges other architects in the AIA to have a greater impact in many areas that can range from health improvement to disaster relief solutions. Robert now serves as a mentor and a role model to numerous young architects both in the US and across the world.