Aloha Construction Receives the 2017 Torch Award for Better Business Bureau

Presented annually since 1996 when it was launched, the Torch Award for Ethics was founded to honor organizations that demonstrate best practices, social responsibility as well as high standards of ethics that benefit clients, employees, and suppliers, among other individuals such as shareholders. The award entails the Better Business Bureau mission of carrying forward trust in the industry. The Torch Awards are conferred by the Better Business Bureau Organization for Market Place, and it is open for all types of businesses regardless of their revenues. One such organization that recently received the 2017 Torch Award is Aloha Construction.


Aloha Construction understands that their clients determine their success. That’s why they put in a lot of work to appreciate them annually. The Better Business Bureau award recognized the company for exemplary service following the practices below:


In 2017, the company completed their objective of providing more than 10,000 roofing jobs in Illinois. Since its founding in 2008, Aloha Construction of Lake Zurich has also strived to give quality roofing employment opportunities that don’t come easily to regular clients. It’s the company’s testament high-quality of work.


Aloha Construction also provides client-based services by offering roofing inspection when contacted by first-time customers to offer their services. The free inspections highlight damages the clients didn’t know. This discovery allows clients to ensure that the insurance covers their repairs before the timeframe ends. The partnership between Aloha of Lake Zurich and Synchrony Financial is an additional way of ensuring that the company serves its clients adequately. Aloha Construction finances its clients. Their partnership with the finance firm streamlines the payment process while simplifying it by walking their clients through the steps involved in the payment.


Aloha Construction of Lake Zurich was also rewarded for their marketplace ethics since they provide excellent customer service by giving clients peace of mind through their high-quality craftsmanship warranty that provides complete repairs.