Alex Pall: The Home Of A Dj

When Alex Pall began recording music with Drew Taggart in his New York City apartment did he know that someday he would be the homeowner of a gorgeous bungalow? His current home is the complete opposite of the home where he first began The Chainsmokers. He was kind enough to allow the public to take an inside peek into this culturally artistic home.

Alex Pall has great style. His home is a representation of his expressive style. Every room supports detail, great detail. Detail that reveals that this dj knows more than just music. He also knows a lot about different historical time periods and appreciates art work created by artisans and fine artists. His home has the expected items like well crafted tables, plush pillows, dining sets and d├ęcor to tie the room together. But where Alex Pall’s home is different is because the home exudes of character only fit for one of music’s biggest names.

The outdoor area of the home is decked in gray stonework. These rustic stonework is one of the prettiest deepest grays. It contrasts perfectly against the brightly colored pillows and pairs well with the Mexican tile resting below a dining set. Lush greenery covers the property. The outside is only a taste of what one is to experience as they enter the home. The living room is full of warm colors that burst with hints of green. Geometric shapes can be seen in the chairs. There is a matching table and mirror that adds the perfect sparkling finish to the room. African elements like a Nigerian hat and artwork from a Moroccan artist can be seen throughout the room. HIs bedroom and bathroom become one, as they are adjoining rooms. When he rises early in the morning, he has a beautiful large window to look from. His kitchen is one of the brightest kitchens. Neon can describe this room but in aesthetics and literally, since there is a neon sign in the kitchen that says neon. Lastly, this property gives ode to the hard work Alex Pall has sowed into his career and the music industry.