A Dedicated Talent Network At Sussex Health Care

For a dedicated, loving and caring person, Sussex Health Care would be a perfect place to serve. They are a renowned group of care homes offering services in providing care to the elderly, and treating various neurological as well as mental conditions. Located in the South East of England in the county of Sussex,

Sussex Healthcare has been in operation for over twenty five years, gaining recognition and fame for their uniqueness in operation and services. They are known to offer high quality services owing to their highly qualified nursing teams. Other benefits that their workers enjoy include pension, accommodation, unique uniforms, in house training in various fields, meals and free transport among others.

They currently have open positions in departments like housekeeping and administration. They range from positions in driving, care assistants, domestic assistant, laundry assistant, kitchen assistant, housekeeper, dental receptionist, mental health nurse among others in the healthcare department. In accountancy, they have positions in account assistants as well as payroll supervisors. To find these and many more openings, refer to https://sussexhealthcare.jobs.net/.

Sussex Healthcare takes pride in the unique set of services they offer. In caring for the elderly, they employ special activities like cookery, quizzes, reminiscence sessions, art therapy, music and movement and handicrafts to stimulate physical, emotional, social as well as intellectual capacities of the patients. To further support patients’ well being, they use experts to offer a diverse range of therapies. They also offer treatment for conditions like dementia, where they use various techniques to help patients remember by use of memory boxes. For patients with neurological problems, Sussex Healthcare provides therapies and works closely with consultants specialists like The Royal Hospital for Neurological Disorders and The National Hospital for Neurology. They also offer physiotherapy and hydrotherapy in treating neurological disorders. They also offer help to those dealing with learning and/or physical disabilities by using special equipment, facilities and very good staff.

Sussex Healthcare recently appointed as Chief Executive Officer Amanda Morgan-Taylor who has over 30 years experience as a mental health nurse. She joins a highly dedicated team composed of Dr. Shafik Sachedina, a Joint Chairman alongside Mr. Shiraz Boghani.

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