Facts about the coveted Ashley Lightspeed partnership

Ashley Brasier had one goal in mind when starting the all-important Ashley Lightspeed relationship and that was to help startups grow thanks to uniquely crafted strategies. And it didn’t really take her long before making an impact since her career journey as well as personal talents did play an incredibly amazing role getting her to that point.

Ashley Brasier’s Career History

Before the Ashley Lightspeed partnership came about, Ashley had to work extra hard in order to supplement the talent that she already had at the time. As soon as she graduated from Duke and Copenhagen, Ashley Brasier got hired at Bain as their bona fide consultant. She stayed at Duke for a couple of years before moving to Thumbtack.

At Thumbtack, Ashley Brasier got the position as the category manager. Ashley loved the work since it was much more operational compared to the consultancy she did at Bain. But after a while, Ashley opted to leave for further studies at Stanford GSB. And it was then that she heard all about Lightspeed Venture Partners which later on became her next career home. To learn more about Ashley lightspeed visit on Crunchbase.

How Ashley’s Dad Helped Her Become Creative

It’s no secret that the reason why the Ashley Lightspeed partnership has been successful so far is that of creativity as well as dedication. As far as creativity is concerned, Ashley got it from her dad who was an architect and they used to do his prototyping together. And from that point onwards, being creative just became second to nature for her.

But that didn’t mean that Ashley wasn’t ever going to have to work. If anything, she chose to invest in her education so that she could learn the ropes of the game. And needless to say, it did take her going to almost three institutions and holding positions at the above-mentioned institutions before becoming who she is today.

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Robert Deignan Automation in the Workplace

Robert Deignan may be the CEO and Founder of ATS Digital solutions. This individual attended the St. Jones Aquinas SENIOR HIGH SCHOOL and later on pursued a BS in Organizational Command from Purdue University which usually he went to from 1992 to 1995. He comes with an extensive professional experience which includes helped him develop both on a specialist and specific level.

Robert Deignan’s Profession

In 1998, Robert Deignan co-founded Fanlink, Inc. Nevertheless, the company didn’t last long and was dissolved in 2001 after working for just two years. In 2002, this individual became the Executive Vice President on the iS3 in which he proved helpful meant for nine yéars before departing in Come July 1st, 2011. His departure from the business was, nevertheless, a newbie óf an additional stage in Robert Deignan’s existence. In the samé yr, Robert became a co-founder of Inbound Phone calls Experts which usually specializes in offering digital support solutions to clients worldwide.

In the study, they will discover that while many jobs had been safe and sound from automation soon, about sixty percent of jobs included tasks that may be automated. Basically, while your work is most likely safe and sound from complete automation, there are particular tasks you will do every day that might be automated. That is an important differentiation since it lures when confronted with the anxiousness regarding the mass elimination of careers.

Furthermore, the conclusion of the McKinsey record possesses significant effects for just how employees may adapt and retrain for future years of the sector. If you consider that a lot of careers have the prospect of in the least incomplete automation, this stands to cause that you could benefit simply by focusing your time and efforts on enhancing your abilities on the elements of your task that can’t end up being automated.

Naturally, that is different for everybody and it depends upon your market, which explains why it is impórtant to focus on the rise of automation with no getting excessively anxious. Find out which abilities ánd duties inside your field are Ieast vulnerable to software and you may position your job meant for sustainable ánd long-lasting development.


Richard Liu Qiangdong Proves Why Credibility Is Of The Essence In Any Business


For any business to thrive, it needs to earn the trust of its prospects by proving to them that it has what it takes to meet and surpass their expectations. This is a fact that Richard Liu Qiangdong of Jindong found out two decades ago, and is what has been his main secret ingredient to success.

During an interview he had at the World Economic Forum, Richard said that he started his business in an age where online retail businesses had bad press due to the myriads of fraudulent companies that sold bogus goods to clients. Despite this challenge, Richard was determined to turn things around and make the online retail arena great again, by only dealing with original goods, as well as having receipts for them. View Related Info Here.


New dawn begins

Back then, Richard Liu Qiangdong did not have sufficient capital to deal in a diverse array of goods and so he only sold magneto-optical products but still, he was determined to establish his business on the core value of honesty and transparency. This made him stand out and soon, his once small business had expanded into an empire of 12 chain stores spread out across China’s main cities. Unfortunately, this is not a utopian world where things thrive and despite its success, his business began to crumble after the breakout of the SARS Virus.

He, however, did not let this deter him and he decided to close down his stores and build his empire online. That has since seen Richard Liu Qiangdong become the owner Jingdong.

Jingdong is a multi-billion business which has clients all over the world and is among the biggest e-commerce platforms in Asia with regards to revenue.


A humble beginning

Even though he dines with kings today, Richard Liu Qiangdong had quite a humble start. He revealed this fact during an interview saying that the only reasons he kept pushing on despite the many pitfalls he had at the start was because he wanted to raise money for the treatment of his ailing granny as well as his studies.

Initially, Richard pursued sociology thanks to his love for politics but realized that there was no way he could ever break out of the surface due to the competition and as such changed his perspective to programming. He taught himself coding and worked at a health care product company known as Japan Life for two years. This he used as a stepping stone and today, there is no doubt that all his dedication, commitment and smart work in pursuit of success has paid off.


More about JD.com on https://www.wsj.com/articles/chinese-retailer-jd-com-turning-its-logistics-network-into-broader-delivery-service-1539833400

Guilherme Paulus Defied All Odds In Brazil To Achieve His Business Dream

If you ask the Brazilians, being an entrepreneur in Brazil is extremely difficult. But, it can also be quite rewarding if you overcome the obstacles faced. It’s a country known for high government taxes, an unstable bureaucracy and the lack of venture capital, it’s the worst nightmare for an entrepreneur’s business dreams.

Guilherme Paulus defied all odds and is a successful businessman. He had a sound business plan to make it through the negative factors working against him. He specializes in accommodations and tourism, from the very beginning he seized every opportunity that came in front of him. Guilherme Paulus had a plan which was all about listening to people, the government agencies and most importantly the demands of the customers. He believes that the best advice you can get is from listening to your elders, and that’s why he is where he is today.

He’s the leader of accommodations and tourism in Brazil now. Guilherme Paulus was born in Sao Paulo, Brazil in 1949. He studied Business Administration in university and the age of 20 started his internship at the International Business Machines Corporation (IBM.) In 1972, he met with a local government official Vicente Cerchiari who had an idea about more tourism to Brazil.

Mr. Paulus was very keen on the idea but didn’t have any capital at that time. Luckily, the government official offered him an investment deal. A new company under the name of CVC was established and it also goes by Operadora e Agencia de Viagens CVC Tour Ltda. Guilherme Paulus was responsible for handling the day to day operations of CVC. The first store was opened in Sao Paulo in late 1972 and their partnership carried on for 4 years until Mr.Cerchiari left.

Mr. Paulus’s vision of tourism was extraordinary. The first CVC store was opened near a cinema. The cinema attracted hundreds of movie enthusiasts every day. As the movies goers left the cinema with a new found passion for adventure and exploration, the placement of the store couldn’t have gone unnoticed by these movie lovers. CVC was the place where the movie goer’s passion for adventure could become a reality and ultimately led to a lot of visitors to the store. It was a success and CVC kept on opening stores across Brazil in retail markets that attracted a lot of foot visitors. Under Mr. Paulus’s leadership, CVC has become one of the largest tourism company with $5.2 billion in sales every year.

Learn more about Guilherme Paulus: https://www.mercadoeeventos.com.br/noticias/hotelaria/guilherme-paulus-elogia-lummertz-e-se-mostra-confiante-com-novo-ministro/

How The Free-Spirited Alastair Borthwick Became A Scottish Legend

Before becoming the celebrated personality that he became, Alastair

Borthwick had to begin from very humble beginnings. Born in Rutherglen in

1913, Mr. Borthwick not only developed a passion for journalism but also

made a career out of it at a tender age of 16. he first had a stint as a

columnist with Evening Times. After that, he moved to the Glasgow Herald.

Unfortunately, his career was cut short because of the second world war.

His experience in the frontline made him develop a hatred for the violence.

And so as soon as the second world war came to an end, Mr. Borthwick came

back home with a new set of milestones to crush.

He decided to branch out from journalism and venture into writing for radio

and TV productions – a bold move that would eventually turn him into a

legend that is celebrated to this very day. With his incredibly polished

penmanship, it became very easy for him to make an impression. He rose

through the ranks pretty quickly and his talents were not only noticed but

appreciated fully.

By the early sixties, his name was already etched in the proverbial stones

of TV production. For starters, he had managed to write and produce well

over 150 TV programs. Some of the most successful titles included

Spellbinders, The Scottish Soldier, Master-Builders, and Inventors just to

mention a few.

Alastair Borthwick wasn’t really a big fan of school. He preferred going

out and having a good time with his friends. It was believed that his

adventurous nature was what made him the timeless author that he became.

Away from writing and directing, Mr. Borthwick also fell in love with

hiking, which seemed to appeal to his adventurous side.

Over the weekends, he would take some time off the office work and in the

company of some locals, he would do some hillwalking.

What made him fall in love with doing so was because it was both healthy as

well as beautiful. By 1939, Mr. Borthwick authored and published “Always A

Little Further” which gave the public an insiders view of hiking as a

possible pastime. This publication encouraged many Scottish people to come

out and enjoy hiking, which at the time was considered a part-time for the


The History And Present Life Of Kimberly Bakker


Throughout the world, there are countless individuals who are passionate about what they do for a living. Kimberly Bakker is one of those individuals when it comes to event planning. She went through the motions of getting her college degrees, and acquired years of public service experience before on to her own ventures. Kimberly Bakker Events is a company that greatly helps the individuals of the community put together the perfect event. In a recent IdeaMensch interview, she describes how her childhood influenced her adult life.


Kimberly Bakker’s passion for event planning stems back to her childhood. Her mother describes how she would go above and beyond to ensure each happened every year. As a child in a traditional household, Kimberly Bakker learned firsthand the importance of family gatherings, as well as the good memories that are born from the occasion. Whether it was milestones, accomplishments, and accolades, Bakker took an active role in bringing the family together on each occasion. This experience was invaluable when she choose to pursue this passion professionally.


A typical day for an event planner like Kimberly Bakker can be extremely hectic. She is often in a rush to head out to the event venue for the day or meet with clients. However, as someone who was inspired by her mother, she wants her own daughter to feel that joy. She makes time each morning for mother-daughter time. It gets her day off to a good start, while ensuring her daughter feels special. In the event planning business, the only limitation is one’s imagination. Refer to This Article for related information.


As times change and evolve, the way many clients want an event approach is always shifting. Kimberly Bakker works hard to remain relevant, and contentiously look for new ways to innovate her style. Kimberly Bakker treats each client with massive respect.


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The Successful Businessman Paul Herdsman


Paul Herdsman has several talents in the business. He has been offering his services for several years gaining the needed experience in business development and growth, customer retention, operation execution, and marketing and sales growth. Paul Herdsman is the founder of NICE Global where he offered his services as the COO. He has led the company to become a successful venture.

Through his company, Paul has cemented his place in the known international businessman and an entrepreneur that understand what he is doing. The company is located in Montego Bay, Jamaica. The company’s primary focus is that they offer their customers with services solution for those companies that are seeking to outsource some of their processes.

The more NICE Global is offering a business solution to companies that are already in existence, they ensure that they lower the overhead cost, improve the customer retention, and the customer engagement is improved the result that they receive is each client will get high revenue. Paul Herdsman ensures that no matter what his company will provide the clients with tangible results. The other thing that NICE Global makes good use of is that metrics that they use to determine the success that each employee can achieve.

The other use of the metrics is to determine which employee is working extra hard so that they can be rewarded, the dedication of a team and the skills that they bring to the company. Paul Herdsman has worked hard to maintain a culture of family in his company. Because the more that employees feel that they belong at NICE Global, the more the clients receive success. Read This Article from IdeaMensch for additional information.

Paul believes that if a business makes good use of their services, then they will receive nothing but success. Paul Herdsman runs his company through transparency so that any company will be able to trust them with their products and services.

In the article, “Lessons from Entrepreneur Paul Herdsman”, Herdsman gives effective business lessons which he likes to share to aspiring and established business owners alike can use to be successful like himself.


More about Paul Herdsman on http://inspirery.com/paul-herdsman/

Sujit Choudhry talks about constitutionalism

When you hear Sujit Choudhry talking about the constitution and the problems faced when defending it, you know that there is some valuable information coming. Recently, he talked about the threats that constitutions all over the world face. Indeed, defending the laws is not something that should be taken lightly. However, we all know that everyone wants to apply the laws selectively. In a world where democracy has brought about a lot of division, you are likely to find many opposing groups and each one of the wants the constitution to favor them. So, what are some of the threats that he discusses? Here is a detailed look at the article that the professor wrote.


Threats from autocrats

Autocracy seems to be the biggest threat to constitutionalism. Autocrats tend to think that they have more rights than other people. They are the elite type that wants to manipulate the laws so that they work in their favor. To protect the laws from this group, governments should implement strategies that promote resilience. Resilience is easier to build when you have steps that prohibit lousy progress. In such a situation, you have to block every attempt to manipulate constitutions by creating a long process that discourages every effort.


The populists

Populists have a claim to many changes because they are the ones that represent a majority of the citizens. You will notice that populists almost have everything going their way. In as much as this may be a good thing, it also poses a threat to the constitution. This is the group that can propose and implement changes to the laws, and this is likely to be used in the wrong way. Therefore, even as they enjoy popular support, they should be put through checks and balances when it comes to the manipulation of constitutions.


See also (Sujitchoudhry.com) for more details.


Electoral manipulations

When incumbent leaders near the elections, there is likely to be a change in the laws so that they can protect their power. They will want to win elections by suppressing their opponents. To achieve this, they will manipulate the constitution to make electoral changes. A good example is when they change the institutions that manage elections. They can make appointments that work in their favor just to ensure that their opponents do not stand a chance. IN addition to that, they will seek to limit the voting rights of certain groups, especially those that are not likely to vote in their favor.

Watch Sujit on (Youtube.com) for more his lectures.


Creating new structures

The only way that the constitution can be protected from these threats is by building basic structures to safeguard it. This starts by implementing laws that create intuitions. It is through a proper structure that autocracy will not have a chance to manipulate laws. Building structures should not be a complicated process, especially when you can learn from previous occurrences. Countries that are just recovering from conflict may learn from the constitutions of much more established democracies. They should ensure that they come up with a law that is free from manipulation and which serves everyone equally.


About Sujit Choudhry

When he is not talking about constitutional laws, Professor Sujit Choudhry teaches at the University of California. He has also taught law at several other universities including the University of Toronto and New York University. In addition to teaching, Sujit is an advisor to the constitution-making process, a role that he has performed in more than ten countries including Sri Lanka, South Africa, Egypt, and Jordan. The vastly experienced professor is also a public speaker and has been researching the constitution and peace in various countries throughout his career. He also helps countries that are recovering from conflicts.


Helpful Link: https://patch.com/california/san-francisco/sujit-choudhry-speaks-out-spain-catalonia.


Vinod Gupta’s Lists


Vinod Gupta was born on July 4 during the 1940s in a very poor village near New Dehli. After high school, he studied Agricultural Engineering at I.I.T, Kharagpur. In 1967 he graduated with his B.Tech degree. He then moved to the states where he became a graduate assistant at the University of Nebraska at Lincoln, Department of Agricultural Engineering. He first came to the U.S. with only one suitcase of clothes and $58 in cash. After finally getting a degree in engineering, he went on to get an M.A. in Business Administration.


After graduation, he got work in Omaha, Nebraska with Commodore Corporation. Here Vin Gupta was tasked to evaluate rival companies. To thoroughly do this, he compiled a list of every mobile home dealer in the U.S. using phone books. It was while doing this he found that this was something that companies needed to be done on a continual basis since new companies were always forming and disbanding. Go To This Page for related information.


So Vin decided to get into this lucrative business. After the first list was completed, Gupta gave Commodore of paying $9,000 for exclusive rights or getting it free and letting him shop it out to other companies.


Commodore chose to get it free and Vin Gupta, therefore, started shopping it out. His new business, called ABI, became an instant success. He started his staff small, hiring just two part-time employees. In the following years, Vin kept adding industries to his types of lists. Through the years he kept reinvesting funds in his business to meet the continually growing demands of his clientele.


Over the years, Vinod has given back to the community and is especially committed to education; especially his advocacy to “Women’s Education”. He acknowledges that its one the most effective tools of fighting poverty and as such has been very determined to grow education in India.


More about Vinod Gupta on https://ideamensch.com/vinod-gupta/

An Entrepreneur Inspiration With Richard Liu Qiangdong

In the world of entrepreneurship and Business Richard Liu is already a renowned, aggressive, and a dominant personality. Richard Liu Qiangdong is the Chief Executive Officer and the founder of JD.com. This is one of the greatest e-commerce platforms in China. The platform is currently estimated to have a net worth of worth $57.6 billion. Liu Qiangdong is said to have a net worth of $11 billion by Forbes.


The Renmin University of China and China Europe School are the two institutions where Liu went through academic training. Liu Graduated with a degree in sociology in 1996. Along with this degree, he had coding skills which he learned through freelancing. After graduation, Richard Liu Qiangdong was hired by a health products company in Japan. His primary roles were director for computers and director of business.


Richard Liu Qiangdong ventured in a number of businesses. He first invested in a restaurant business and the selling health products. Both companies failed. Richard Liu then opened a physical shop selling computer parts in Beijing in the year 1998. By 2003, Richard Liu had expanded to 12 physical stores. Due to the SARS outbreak, Richard Liu Qiangdong was forced to rethink his business model because the SARS outbreak in 2003 made Liu’s staff and clients stay at home.


This led to the launch of JD.com in the mid-year 2004. Well, this turned out to be a great business idea, and by 2005, Richard Liu had closed all his physical shop premises. He began to sell a variety of electronics among other consumer goods. Since the launch of JD.com, Richard Liu has been the dominant seller of electronics goods online. Richard Liu Qiangdong’s JD.com is currently one of the largest and leading e-commerce platforms in China.


This platform has undergone rapid growth just like that of its’ most fierce rival, Alibaba. Since its’ launch, JD.com has provided customers with high-quality electronics as well as customer service. The stock price of the company has been seen to rise with each year. Liu has received offers to sell the company, but he has rejected each of them. Go To This Page for more information.


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