Serge Belamant Talks Making Ideas A Reality

If you keep up with current technology or news from the financial world, you have probably at least heard of blockchain technology. While you may have heard of it, you probably don’t know much about the man behind it, Serge Belamant. Known as the Bill Gates of South Africa, Bill Gates first came up with the technology while working on the chips that are still used on debit and credit and debit cards today. Originally from France, Serge Belamant moved to South Africa with his family when he was only 14 years old. While in South Africa, he attended Witwatersrand University where he majored in computer science.

Currently, Serge Belamant is involved with the company Zilch in which he co-founded after being inspired by his son. An IT engineer, his son Phillip was interested in using social media to help young people be more informed about the financial options that were available to them. He knew that it was important that these options be accessible and fit with their lifestyle which is how Zilch was born. In addition to financial products, the company was also designed to help the younger generation be able to manage their money more efficiently and track their different spending patterns.

Serge Belamant notes that it is not always easy to bring an idea to life no matter how good it is. It requires a great deal of planning and he prefers to break it down into simple components to understand it better and determine if it is realistic to achieve or not. If you take the idea down to only the essential elements and it still seems to make sense, there is a good chance that it is viable. Once you understand whether or not the idea is even possible, you need to figure out who could use the idea and if it would be possible to monetize it. If there is not a big enough potential user base who would be willing to pay for the idea, Serge Belamant thinks it may be time to move on. Otherwise, you can move to the analyzing phase.

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Wes Edens: The Basketball Fan

If you want to meet a basketball fan and a co-founder Of Fortress Investment Group, you might run into Wes Edens. This company has grown into a global force that has made a lot of money for Edens and his partners. In fact, he was able to co-own the Milwaukee Bucks thanks to his vast fortune. Wes Edens is also into London England’s Football that has to do with soccer. He has a head for business and knows how to put together good investment strategies to keep his business going.

Wes Edens is worth $930 million at the age of 57. That is not bad at all. Fortress has several transportations, healthcare, real estate, financial institutions, and entertainment companies under its belt that brings in a bulk of the profit. It is still led as an independent business. Also, Wes Edens is responsible for the development of Brightline which is a transportation rail that is traveling through all of the Florida cities. There is also an energy company called New Fortress which focuses on renewable and clean energy. That is operation in manufacturing plants as well as natural gas plants across the nation and the tropical islands. View Wes Edens’s profile on Linkedin

Edens has also opened up an entertainment district which brings more jobs and helps the economy. For all that Fortress Investment Group does, this company is part of an era where making the economy strong really counts right now. He also does charitable giving, which includes arts, healthcare, and education. His business allows him to give back and let others know it’s just not about profit but about making things better in the communities. With the Brightline and other ventures he is into, that has really helped his city as well as others. The Brightline is in Florida which is a very popular tourist destination. That train will go through some major areas bringing in additional people to those theme parks and other places.

What Edens does really benefit the economy and other businesses. He is not stopping there. For all we know, there may be other future projects.

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L’Oréal on the focus on beauty diversity

L’Oréal last year staged an event that focused on women, the company promotes the women’s’ beauty diversity. L’Oréal held the event on a floating 60-meter runway in Paris on River Seine. The show focuses on creativity reflected on the Paris lifestyle. Some familiar faces on the runway included Jaime Lannister, Marie Bochet and Nikolaj Coster-Waldau.

Reaching out to the world

The event allowed participants to showcase the latest looks in fashion and bring beauty to the world. The makeup artist for the event Val Garland and the hair atists Stephene made the event look glamorous. The event was broadcasted world-wide reaching out to the world by showcasing talent and beauty. Drones were used to film the whole event so that they could capture all the events without missing on little details. The event was broadcasted live in more than 30 countries thus helping L’Oréal reach out to the world.

AI services

Other plans L’Oréal has is launching AI services in the beauty industry. The company has already received positive feedback on the impact of AI services. The transformation will big a breakthrough for the HR of various companies. The company offers tailor-made solutions to AI services. The company offers services on specific criteria that allow the company to fully enjoy the benefits of AI services.

L’Oréal asks factual questions to determine whether their profiles match with the AI services offered by the company. In the end, the company uses this data to check whether one qualifies for the services of the AI. This is valuable in the job market which is already flooded with people seeking employment. The technology provides feedback and reminders and updates candidates on their applications.

About L’Oréal

L’Oréal devotes its time to showing beauty to the world and has a rich history for over 100 years. The company sells its products through the various distribution channels and is focused on sustainability as its vision for 2020. The company prides in providing beauty solutions to people over the world. Moreover, the company recently invested in AI innovation that eases the work of the HR departments making the recruiting process easier for management.

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Leadership Team of Fortress Investment Group After Softbank Becomes Its Parent Company

Fortress Investment Group Leaders, Wesley Edens and Randy Nardone started a small investment managing firm in 1998 with the mission of growing asset investments. Peter Briger, Jr. joined the management team in 2002 to help head the credit and real estate divisions of the business. Together the trio leadership members successfully transformed the company to one of the world’s largest alternative asset managers. Softbank, a global investment corporation in Japan contributed to its growth when Masayoshi Son acquired the firm in 2017.

Edens, Nardone, and Briger are Principles of Fortress Investment Group and continue to run day-to-day operations of offices in New York and California. Randy and Wesley established the private equity business and remain dedicated to managing its team for almost 21 years. They oversee the team managing financial services, healthcare, transportation, and energy & infrastructure investments. Peter joined the leadership team in 2002 and runs Fortress’s credit business for almost 17 years. While Softbank is the parent company, the principles keep their roles of managing private equity, permanent capital, credit private equity, and credit hedge fund assets.

Fortress Investment Group’s leaders made a commitment many years ago to maintain ethical practices and strong governance policies. All policies and procedures set by the board of directors for accountability and integrity reflect SEC guidelines and rules. Briger, Edens, and Nardone serve on the board of directors and the management committee. Peter is Co-CEO and manages the San Francisco office in California. Wesley is the Co-Chief Executive Officer of the branch in New York.

As of September 30th, 2018, Fortress Investment Group reported $42.1 billion in assets under management. In the acquisition agreement, Softbank paid $3.3 billion to buy the firm’s outstanding shares. Masayoshi Son is placing the alternative asset managers and investors at the head of rising artificial intelligence (AI) and Internet of Things (IoT) technologies. His mission is to transform Fortress while transforming Softbank into the largest international investment firm. Since 2017, Fortress experienced an increase in price of shares by 29 percent and a rise in managing private equity, credit and permanent capital assets.

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HGGC makes a massive investment in the Integrity Marketing Group, Premier Companies

HGGC, the notable middle market private equity firm recently closed a huge growth equity investment in the quite successful, Integrity Marketing Group LLC. Integrity Marketing Group is based in Highland Village Texas and is specialized in the development and distribution of life and health insurance products. This firm also works closely with insurance carrier partners to market its products through a structured distribution network. During the revelation of this investment deal, Richard Lawson the head of the middle market private equity firm also announced that he would be partnering with Integrity Marketing to buy Norfolk, Nebraska’s Premier Companies Inc. Premier Companies is a well-performing insurance marketing firm that boasts of more than 32,000 agents countrywide. This firm also runs six offices in total with 170 employees.

Growing to the next level

In the Integrity Marketing Group investment deal, the owners of this top independent life and health insurance distributor will be retaining a significant stake in the company. The head of HGGC, Richard Lawson stated that this investment would help both firms grow to the next level. He also mentioned his firm’s excitement to have completed this deal. Richard said that the deep carrier and distribution relationships bundled with the product expertise of Integrity Marketing Group has positioned in a very prime market position. This is a position that the middle market private equity firm seeks to take advantage of to further the growth of this company.

A good start

HGGC seems to be off a good start with Integrity Marketing Group as they are working on the acquisition of Premier Companies. This top insurance marketing firm is the first step in their 1000-mile journey together. The Bryan Adams, the Managing Partner of Integrity Marketing, said that the success of this deal would solidify their business bond.

About HGGC

This firm is an exemplary player in the middle market private equity space thanks to its futuristic “Advantage Investing” policy. With over $17 billion in aggregate transactional value, this methodology is undoubtedly working. With this new ventures, HGGC is expected to widen its dominance in its market.

Stream Energy: Raising the Bar

In one of the least giving states in the country according to WalletHub, Texas-based energy company Stream Energy in conjunction with their charitable foundation “Stream cares” is attempting to change that image. In the wake of the destruction left behind by Hurricane Harvey along the Texas coast, Stream Energy demonstrated to the state on how philanthropy is done. The company not only raised funds for victims but many of their employees volunteered their time and safety to bring aid to the citizens of their communities.

What makes Stream Energy such a unique company in terms of its philanthropic efforts is that it has dedicated a separate branch of the company solely focused on community outreach, a rare phenomenon in the corporate industry. The company utilizes their partnerships with the American Red Cross and Habitat for Humanity in order to provide people with the best possible aid.

So, what has made Stream’s philanthropic ventures such a success? The answer lies at the ground level where Stream Energy employees build various networking groups which turn into strong relationships. The bond created often evolves into community outreach by employees. One passion project popular amongst Stream employees is the fight against homelessness in the Dallas area, particularly that of homeless children.

Every year, Stream and its employee’s partner up with Dallas-based Hope Supply Co. an organization that works to provide homeless parents and children with basic necessities to purchase an astonishing 1,000 water park tickets. The goal here is to provide these homeless children a day of fun and an overall sense of happiness, an opportunity that they may have never been able to experience.

There is no doubt that Stream Energy is changing how charitable foundations are organized and their goals executed. Stream is working extremely hard to raise the rank of not only their companies standing by the whole state of Texas.

Richard Liu Respond To Queries About


Richard Liu is the founder, chairman, and CEO of, the biggest retail business in China. Currently, it is ranked number four by market value among the biggest companies in China. However, the company is working towards getting to number one position. Richard Liu Qiangdong has put sufficient measures that will see the business move to the top position. was established in 2004, although Richard Liu Qiangdong began his business career in 1998. Before, he was dealing with physical businesses, which were never as successful as his Internet-based business. The name is coined from his name and that of his first girlfriend.

The idea to make, a fully internet-based business came from one of his managers from a business he was running before. At a time when they had closed down to focus on establishing a business that would thrive, the idea of internet business came up, and they decided to test it. Online business existed in China before but had a bad reputation due to numerous cases of counterfeit products and price cheating.

When Richard Liu decided to engage in online business, he wanted to do it with a difference. He studied the market and identified most of the weaknesses that other traders have. He, therefore, established an online business that addressed the needs of the customers. He ensured that deals with legit products and every product was accompanied by a legit invoice to avoid cases of price cheating.

From an interview that he conducted recently at the World Economic Forum Annual Meeting, Mr. Liu revealed that his success came from offering solutions to some of the challenges that customers were experiencing at the time. In 2004, they only had a few products in the line of digital goods and IT products, but in 2010 they had added almost every product that was on the market. Find More Information Here. is currently worth over $60 billion and has over 167,000 employees. In 2018 only, the company employed over 30,000 new workers. Richard Liu is currently working towards taking the company to other parts of the world such as Southern Asia, Europe, and America.


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Start a Career at Fortress Investment Group

Fortress Investment Group is a global alternative asset manager. It was founded in 1998 and worth 42 billion dollars. The company oversees for more than 1700 investors and institutional clients worldwide. It strives for good investment performance. It wants to produce strong risk-adjusted returns for clients in the long run. It has more than 900 asset management employees and professionals. Employees undergo regular training to equip them with the skills needed to serve clients.

Core competencies of Fortress Investment Group are Asset-Based. It was created as private equity and has changed into a global investment manager. Fortress specializes in asset-based investment and experiences in the field. Its expertise extends to financing, owning, and pricing financial and physical assets. Learn more about Fortress Investment Group at

The company oversees capital and real estate assets secured by cash flows. It has extensive knowledge on where to invest. It has a team of investment professionals who recommend profitable ventures. Moreover, employees have expertise that enables them to undertake investment roles. Fortress Investment Group has experience in corporate mergers and acquisitions. This enables them to work with many stakeholders and managers to know optimal structuring suitable for the company. It facilitates the execution of investment decisions.

Fortress Investment Group has sizeable market expertise. Market expertise enables it to execute low risk and cost financing for clients. It can also access the equity and debt capital markets. Fortress is committed to helping people make wise investment decisions. What sets it apart from competitors is its ability to identify investment opportunities.

Fortress Investment Group recently advised job vacancies and asked people to apply. There is a position for a Consumer Collections Specialist and Financial Analyst. It needs an experienced collections representative to head the department and a File Clerk.

The company wants a tax manager, data engineer, an accountant. Other vacant positions include real estate analyst, corporate financial analyst, and credit operations, associate. It urged applicants to submit applications before the stipulated date. You can check for other job vacancies on their website. Fortress is a competitive employer and is looking for people with experience in the field. You must be willing to learn and work in a team.

Read: Donations Program or Jingdong Mall is the largest Retail E-commerce Business in China. It was founded in 2004, by Richard Liu Quiangdong who is the Chairperson. The company has a net of more than US$60 billion and more than one billion assets to choose from which are in different types including electronics, consumer goods, and fashion. All the products are of high-quality to ensure that their clients get nothing but the best.

There are more than 167,000 employees entrusted to serve customers with the best standard services without being biased. Jingdong Mall serves both online and offline sectors to ensure that all the needs of the clients are addressed at the individual level. Each day management team is devoted to establishing new solutions to serve all fraternity efficiently.

Recently the CSR produced a report explaining how Jingdong has adhered to promote innovations, sustainability as well as empowering all its operations. Jingdong has adopted advanced technology to ensure that all its products follow the safety measures strictly before being released to the market. Starting from creation of the product to the delivery process has put in place policies to govern all the procedures to ensure there is no contamination and creates a positive impact on the community and the whole world.

The company has established various projects including “Green Stream Initiative” which is a recycling program to reduce environmental pollution as well as to provide healthy lifestyle among other people. The company is in the front line to give back to the society. There are set programs for receiving donations and ensuring that they reach the intended recipient. The Giving program speeds the delivery process to avoid contaminations; the company has also establishing tracking devices to ensure that goods are monitored at each point. Through this program, more than 4 million donations have been collected for more than 600 charitable organizations. See This Article to learn more.

Such philanthropic acts have increased the transparency of among its shareholders, partners, and clients as they can know that the company is devoted to helping other members of society. has also purchased more than 5,000 energy vehicles that do not consume more fuel as compared to the fuel fleet vehicles.


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Facts about the coveted Ashley Lightspeed partnership

Ashley Brasier had one goal in mind when starting the all-important Ashley Lightspeed relationship and that was to help startups grow thanks to uniquely crafted strategies. And it didn’t really take her long before making an impact since her career journey as well as personal talents did play an incredibly amazing role getting her to that point.

Ashley Brasier’s Career History

Before the Ashley Lightspeed partnership came about, Ashley had to work extra hard in order to supplement the talent that she already had at the time. As soon as she graduated from Duke and Copenhagen, Ashley Brasier got hired at Bain as their bona fide consultant. She stayed at Duke for a couple of years before moving to Thumbtack.

At Thumbtack, Ashley Brasier got the position as the category manager. Ashley loved the work since it was much more operational compared to the consultancy she did at Bain. But after a while, Ashley opted to leave for further studies at Stanford GSB. And it was then that she heard all about Lightspeed Venture Partners which later on became her next career home. To learn more about Ashley lightspeed visit on Crunchbase.

How Ashley’s Dad Helped Her Become Creative

It’s no secret that the reason why the Ashley Lightspeed partnership has been successful so far is that of creativity as well as dedication. As far as creativity is concerned, Ashley got it from her dad who was an architect and they used to do his prototyping together. And from that point onwards, being creative just became second to nature for her.

But that didn’t mean that Ashley wasn’t ever going to have to work. If anything, she chose to invest in her education so that she could learn the ropes of the game. And needless to say, it did take her going to almost three institutions and holding positions at the above-mentioned institutions before becoming who she is today.

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